The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Trick

Eyeliner flicks have always been a favourite make up look of mine, I find it a great way to subtly experiment with colour and  a very elegant, sophisticated look with the all important element of vintage glamour. I’ve always struggled to get them even and the right shape, so when I stumbled upon Heyday Honey’s blog post, her tips really helped me figure it out, so I thought I would write my own little tutorial for you guys on perfecting vintage eyeliner flicks.

Here are the products that I used to create this eye look.

My new gel eyeliner is Yves Sant Laurent Effet Faux Cils in Cherry Black, a lovely deep purple, it’s amazing, so easy to use, long lasting and completely glides on. Mii Perfect Pair Eye Colour duo in Classic Twist and two Japonesque brushes, the pro eye definer and the thin brush from their fabulous touch up tubes.

Here are the three steps I take to prep my eyes before attempting flicks….

Step One: Prep the lids with concealer (or primer) and use a nude eyeshadow to fix it in place. I find that the concealer helps create a even base and something for products to stick to.

Step Two: I used the lightest shade in the Mii Duo across the entire lid, dabbing it on for the best coverage. Using the Japonesque eye definer brush I define the crease with the darker shade and blend. The Mii shadows are lovely as they are subtle but have a pretty shimmer that I really love.

Step Three: You’re ready to prep the eyeliner, so use the finest brush you have to apply the gel liner to the lash line.

Now this is where I used to go wrong, I used to go straight in with the flicks and end up with varying degrees of success. The following trick from Heyday Honey really helped me out. Here’s how to figure out where to put your flick!

Use a brush to measure from your nose up to the corner of your eye where you eyebrow finishes, this will be a good spot for you to draw your flick, using the brush as a guide will also help you create two evenly angled flicks. Draw a thin flick to start with and build up as desired.

Here’s the finished look, I’m also wearing the Mii Cosmetics blusher in Kissed, my new favourite blush!

What do you think? Will you be trying out this technique? What’s your flick drawing trick?

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Trick

  1. Hi darling, what a good tutorial! That’s a really good flick you’ve got going on. I often get lazy and I don’t bother with that clever step (hence why my flicks are often skew whiff!)


  2. Skew whiff flicks are ok sometimes! There’s a great quote from Alex Box about trying to get eyebrows to match which applies here: they should be sisters not twins!

  3. I’ll try this as I find it hard to get both sides even. Your skin is as fine and flawless as my 7yo’s – I’m going off you! 😉


    1. I flipping deserve nice skin, after the horrible breakouts I’ve had over the past four months. It’s all better now and I must say the the Nourish skincare that I’ve been using makes a fab base.

  4. Love it! You look stunning x

    1. Zoe! Where have you been? Feel like I haven’t spoken to you in ages. Will tweet you now!

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