Who are you trying to impress?

Being a girl, we all love our clothes, hair and make up. Dressing up and playing with the latest trends and products. But I’d like to pitch the questions who are we trying to impress? In a world where we are so concerned about our looks, who are you dressing to impress? I’ve categorised the types of people I think there are out there, let me know which one you think you are.

Who are you dressing to impress? 

What goes through your mind when you are picking an outfit? Girls are notoriously indecisive when it comes to fashion, I know it’s stereotypical, but generally, it would be true. I’ve spent a long time trying to define my style and still to this day, I’m not always feeling confident or happy with the way I look, I ponder it frequently, why am I bothered? Who am I trying to impress?

So who are you trying to dress for?

For the boys…

This category is mainly for the singletons out there, I was in this category for a very brief amount of time in my early teens, so I don’t have much experience of this mind set. Although, I must say it’s the category that concerns me the most. I think most of the UK’s female population fits into this group.

Now is the time for me to sound like an old lady, but seriously, what is going on with the youth of today. I’ve seen so many young girls with terrible tans, skin tight outfits, hem lines that skim the buttocks and heels that could challenge the trashiest of pole dancers. Chuck in the trowel full of bronzer, fake lashes and HD Brows and you’ve got a mega trampy look. I don’t get it at all, the only reason why this could be consider attractive is that illusion that guys find this attractive.

Really? REALLY? I don’t think guys think this looks attractive, I think this makes guys think you are easy and makes girls think your a a tramp. Whatever happened to modesty, old school glamour and the allure of tasteful teasing. It seems the legs or boobs rule died a death a long time ago.

For the girls…

This category is all about peer pressure and pressure from the media to conform to the latest trends. The cause of throwaway fashions, allowing for girls to afford to buy a new outfit every week and chuck it away when it looks tired after just a few washes.

Let’s have a look at these girls at present, I’m seeing leggings, oversized shirts, flatforms and dip dyed hair. The Topshop girl. They dress like they’ve just got home from a festival every day of the year and pull their outfit inspiration direct from their favourite blog or magazine.

Under the pressure to conform to what is considered fashionable or cool in the mass media. Don’t know why, what’s going to happen if you can’t get yourself the latest Topshop jeggings? Nothing.

What’s the worst bit? You end up with a room full of girls looking exactly the same and the increases fashion failure of turning up somewhere wearing the same thing. Great.

For myself…

This is the dream category, what we should aspire to fit into and the category that is certainly lacking on membership.

Why do we shop? To make ourselves feel better, to reward ourselves and for the social aspect too. So, surely we should be buying things that we, as individuals love and want to own. We shouldn’t be buying something because it will make the boys stare at our boobs more or because your best friend’s friend’s sister said that it looks cool. We should be buying things that we think look good and that make us feel happy to wear. Even if it does result in some crazy, sailor/teacher/librarian/child style combo. If it makes YOU feel go, you should do it.

Of course, on the high street, we are largely dictated to on what we can buy, due to the fashion seasons that are now majorly influenced by trends rather than comfort, quality, fun or timeless style. But, if you think outside the box, it is still possible for you to create your own unique style.



Where do I fit in?

Naturally, it’s always going to be difficult to fit into that dream category and being free of social pressures to conform completely. But you can always find a balance, if you spot something that makes you feel happy and you love it, don’t consider what other people will think, go for it.

Be brave and make your own style.

Take inspiration from fashion, without it dictating your style.

Fashion is short lived and shallow, style is timeless.

What do you reckon?

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5 thoughts on “Who are you trying to impress?

  1. I would like to say that I dressed for myself and that is 90% true but then I also dress for others in the sense that I like to look nice for my partner, who doesn’t? I also quite enjoy getting the odd compliment on my outfit whether that be from the same sex or opposite, again who doesn’t right? At the end of the day we all dress for different reasons but so what? I don’t have the right to categorise nor judge anyone for that matter. I can have an opinion but thats about it. Just let people be who they want to be thats my motto.

    1. I agree, if people choose to dress in one of the categories that I’ve described above that fine. I’m also up for people having the freedom of choice to choose what to do and what to wear. What I’m trying to outline is are you dressing like that because of pressure to impress or because you genuinely want to. I think everyone prob fits into a combination of these categories, the dressing for yourself category is something to aim towards emotionally, but something that few reach.

  2. I really love this post Jayne. It’s a subject I’ve spent much time pondering myself and have gone through many stages of it, def all of the above. Oddly it was when I was thrown into a work at home mum, no pressure, no outer influences, no-one to impress void that I floundered the most! I’ve always felt very constrained by budget fashion wise as my tastes are beyond my means, but I’m getting there. The days I make the most effort and feel best are usually when I’m going nowhere and seeing/being seen by no-one. This is when I know that how I feel matters.

    You rock.

    Nic x

  3. I agree with you completely! I would never class myself as a “fashionable” dresser but I like to think I dress fairly classically. I can’t see myself turning round in twenty years and thinking “what were you thinking?!” But I do see a lot of people who I seriously think “did you look in the mirror before you left this morning?”
    There are a lot of people who whether they are dressing for themselves or someone else just look God awful at the moment. And I’m not saying that to be mean. But I do not want to see your knicker through your leggings. I do not want to see your knickers when your obscenely short dress rides up as you galumph along the pavement in platform shoes that are not elegant and you can’t walk in. I do not want to see your bleached out hair and crappy extensions and fake eyelashes. I don’t care what shape or size you are but dress to suit it! And have some self-respect. Please?!

    1. Hear hear! Totally agree. Leggings as trousers in public are a major pet hate of mine, they suit very few people and look horrendous when they are cheap. I’ve seen cellulite through leggings in the past, it’s not a good look. I think it’s fine if people genuinely WANT to dress in the ways of mainstream fashion, but I question their motives. Is it genuine want or pressure to conform?

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