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I was delighted when Ambre got in touch to donate a prize to my charity raffle for Barnardos as I’ve had their products on my Pinterest boards for ages, so it was fantastic for them to get in touch. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out the Ambre Costa de Asahar Warming & Moisturising Soap and the Ambre Mango & Carrot Seed Extra Concentrated Hand Creme. The whole range aims to use 100% raw plant materials.

First off, how stunning is the design and packaging. I know I go about packaging and branding, but I really do think it’s super important, it’s the first thing that grabs your attention, so it’s important to get that right. The range looks hand made, but to a super high quality finish. The black matte recycled style paper with beautiful typography makes the range a stunning gift and suitable for both men and women.

The Ambre soaps retail at £5.95, which I think is very reasonable when you see how huge one of the bars are chunky and beautifully perfect looking. Again, it would be great for men or women. This soap uses Ginger and Orange oil to revitalise the skin. I would say that the scent is very subtle and isn’t the main focus of this soap. The tiny pieces of safflower petals add a gentle exfoliant. With no SLS, this soap does not really foam, it’s gentle and moisturising.

Highly concentrated is the perfect description of this Mango and Carrot Seed Hand Cream from Ambre. I was a little concerned at first as the consistency is quite grainy to appearance and texture initially. However, once applied you can feel the mango and shea butter base get to work. I wouldn’t recommend this product for everyday use for everyone as it is very rich, however, I really enjoyed using it as a overnight treatment.

Have you tried Ambre? Do you like the look of this range?

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  1. Wow that hand cream looks fantastic!! It looks rather luxurious too 🙂

    Amy xx

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