Five of the Best Big Sunglasses

As the title suggests, here’s my pick of my favourite big sunglasses I’ve spotted this season so far. I really want to buy the Irregular Choice ones, but I’ve got a pair of Accessorize big heart shape ones, so can’t justify it. How many pairs of sunglasses do you have? I have only three pairs, one pair is my main pair and the others are cheap back ups that I never wear. I love wearing big glasses, it’s just a shame we haven’t had much sun for it yet this year!

Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice

Miu Miu

Red  Glitter Retro Sunglasses

Benjamin Eyewear

Marlo Blue Sunglasses

Elizabeth and James

Retro Cats Eyes Sunglasses

Do you like big sunglasses too? Or do you prefer something a little more subtle?

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2 thoughts on “Five of the Best Big Sunglasses

  1. Ahhh those top pair are sooo cute! I have a pair of Hello Kitty Style glasses which I always get comments about but these ones are so much cuter!

    1. Errr…nothing is cuter than Hello Kitty! I want to see them!

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