Guest Blog: De-stress with Manface

So, whilst I’m away, I’ve got a few guest blogs to share with you instead. Today, the fabulous Thom (a man!) from Manface Blog talks about products to help us destress!

I, like so many people out there, am bang smack in the middle of my exam period and stressed out of my mind. So I think we all need a bit of distressing and I’ve come up with a recommended trio of products to fight exam blues, at a more student friendly price, and hopefully, because student loans were in April, you’ve still got a few quid left.

 Badedas Shower Gel

I actually wanted to recommend the Badedas bubble bath, but then it occurred to me that pretty much all student residences are shower only. I therefore went into Boots in Manchester and discovered there’s a relatively new addition of a shower gel to the Badedas family. The fragrance is stunning, both calming and uplifting, this should really mellow you out. You really get a pulse of Horse Chestnut, the feature ingredient leaving your skin cleansed and your brain soothed. This seventies survivor has still got it.

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Pillow Mist

OK. So you might be a bit dubious about a pillow spray being able to put you to sleep but bear with me. I found that this beautiful and fragrant blend of jujube date oil and camomile essential oil to name a few, doesn’t send me to sleep, but when I eventually drop off and wake up in the morning, I feel as if I’ve slept deeper than normal, more rejuvenated and calmer. I’ve used this for the last 4 years believe it or not, since it’s launch and haven’t looked back. It’s completely free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Do you spot up during exams? I know I do. Nothing reduces it more and satisfies my heightened need for chocolate more than this facemask. Apply liberally over the whole face, making sure to avoid the eye area of course, and the cocoa, spearmint and rhassoul mud absorb grease, kill bacteria and intensely hydrate. I just sit there for 15 minutes with this chocolate mask on my face and usually a Twirl sticking out of my mouth and my tension just eases. Your skin looks noticeably brighter after use, I mean really, there’s an obvious difference, and spots and inflammation are massively reduced. Give it a go.

Finally I should mention if you really need to distress, so we’re talking MA / PhD distressing, that fabulous psychologist off the television, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, has developed her own range of products called LP Skin Therapy, that’s based around how emotions can effect your skin, which is true as anxiety causes the body to go into response mode (fight or flight) and many routine functions are put on hold and because the skin is last on the immune system’s list of ‘things to do’, it can become lackluster to say the least, but there is  a lot more to it than that I should add. There’s an amazing starter kit for £25 that gets you a bit of everything and is well worth a look if you really need that brightening and lifting boost.

Liked Thom’s guest blog? You can check out the Manface blog here.

Plus, even though I’m not here, I would love to read your comment when I get back!

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1 thought on “Guest Blog: De-stress with Manface

  1. Hi, just wanted to say that i really liked your guest blog and will definatly go check out your blog. I have used pillow spray before (im a lavander addict) and have always loved it. i often make my own with water and essential oil which works really well too (especially when loans are running low and i need a cheap replacement)and i think i will ahve to go check out the lp skin care, looks like a reasonable price to try out some new stuff.

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