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Today’s guest post comes from the very sweet and lovely, Tanzina from Makeup A to Z, bless her, she nearly missed this opportunity because she’s been ill, so I’m super pleased I had time to schedule this post, as it’s such a great review of the She Said Beauty Box, this one looks great Tanzina, maybe I need to try it out?

Beauty boxes started appearing in the UK about a year ago, and they have seemed to be a big hit in the beauty loving industry. But as more and more brands and boxes start coming out, it’s hard to decide which box to choose and expensive to subscribe to them all. When making my choice, I like to peek inside other people’s boxes and see what they got for the past couple of months. I find that helps me figure out whether that particular brand of beauty box would be suited to me or not. So here’s my latest box by She Said Beauty and my thoughts on it, which hopefully help you decide whether to jump on the bandwagon or completely avoid it!

The packaging of the SSBB is really lovely, and feels quite luxurious. As you can tell the lid doesn’t detach itself from the box, shoe-box style. I love boxes that are reusable, and I’ve started using these boxes as memory boxes, hoarding keepsakes inside them. But I think I prefer the shoe-box types, as they’re more practical in the sense that I’ve started using them as makeup organisers inside my dresser.

This is what my eyes were greeted to when I opened up the box. The first thing that caught my eyes were the lashes, and I was pleased to see that there were no tiny little perfume samples as they really get on my nerves. You can get those samples at Debenhams for free, and I don’t think they should be included in beauty boxes.

The first item I picked up was these lashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company and I was so glad to see that they were wearable lashes and not the overly dramatic, colourful type. To buy they cost £6 and I’ve already had the chance to wear them. They look quite natural and the quality is quite good meaning I’ll get quite a few uses out of these. I’m really glad they were included and can see them suiting lots of different people. Definitely a good surprise.

Next, was this Green People SPF15 with tan accelerator. I’ve come across Green People in a previous box and really liked their products. They are a natural and organic company. My initial thoughts were great, I’m already of tanned skin tone and don’t ever use tan products as I have no need to. The product is supposed to speed up your tan by 25%. SPF is great but the tan factor put me off a little bit, however now I’m thinking maybe it’ll be fun to tan on purpose and I shall experiment with this in the summer. This was a sample size and full size (100ml) is 12.99

I was really happy to receive this actually; this is the Inika Vegan Lip Whip. I love makeup products in beauty boxes and have come across boxes that have not had any make up. Let me tell you from personal experience that is very annoying! This is in the colour Apricot and is also full size. To buy it costs £14.50 (more than the SSBB cost) and it glides on very smoothly. It’s slightly sheer which isn’t a problem for me as that gives me the option of wearing it by itself or as a matte lipstick topcoat.

This IS a perfume sample, but as it isn’t a tiny generic perfume sample I wasn’t unhappy to receive it. This is a Kim Kardashian perfume called Kim Kardashian and smells okay, nothing special. (Just like her! Hehe I joke), it isn’t my type of fragrance as I like something a bit more woody with depth but it isn’t repulsive either so I’ll probably keep it in my handbag just in case. To buy 30ml it costs 22.95

The last item I picked up was this Natio soap which you can buy as part of a trio. I was really excited to see this as I’ve tried their soaps before and in the bath, it is really relaxing. I’m usually a shower gel kind of girl, but in the bath the scent of a previous Natio soap really helped relax me so I’m looking forward to trying this on out. To buy a set of 3 it is £8.50.

So this little trio is a sample bonus gift and is from a brand called Snowberry which reminds me of the frozen yoghurt brand Pinkberry. If you haven’t tried Pinkberry yet you need to! (Jayne let’s go there one day!!). Back to the samples, there was a day cream, night cream and a face serum. I’m glad this was a bonus sample and not an actual luxury sample as it would’ve been rather lousy as the samples are tiny! I’m quite happy with my current skincare routine and have passed them on to my friends but it’s a great way to find a new brand I guess.

And that is it, a sneak peek in the May SSBB and my initial thoughts on it. Overall I was really happy with it and didn’t get the feeling of disappointment I’ve previously gotten over other boxes. I’m looking forward to trying out the tan product and the soap especially and I haven’t really got anything bad to say about the box. This was my second SSBB and I was just as impressed with my first. I hope you enjoyed reading lovelies, Tanzina x

Thank you for a lovely review Tanzina, I think I will have to give She Said a whirl! What did you guys think? Leave a comment and I’ll read them all when I get back!

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  2. Thank you for you kind feedback Jayne, and I’m so glad I got the chance to write for your blog x

    1. Pleased to have you here, you are a gem!

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