Happy Wedding Anniversary to us…

Just a quick, happy post, because today is our second wedding anniversary. We are currently in Toronto, Canada enjoying maple syrup, Mountain Dew, Sephora, pancakes, doughnuts and all other great things that Canada has to offer. Hopefully, by the time you read this post, we will have also visited Niagara Falls!

To celebrate our second wedding anniversary, I thought I would share a few wedding snaps, as I know everyone enjoyed them last time I posted some.

Photos were taken by the incredibly beautiful and talented India Hobson.

See you soon!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Wedding Anniversary to us…

  1. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary 🙂
    Beautiful photos, I especially love the second one – gorgeous bouquet!


    1. Thank you Jess! The bouquet featured a selection of vintage buttons that I’ve been accumulating over the years.


    Love you necklace and bouquet and those are just the perfect wedding shoes for you!!!

    1. Thanks Anna. I loved my shoes, I had wanted them for ages and this was the perfect excuse. My flowers featured vintage buttons that I’d been collecting for years without a project in mind, I love buttons and this was also a perfect reason to use them up.

  3. What fabulous shoes! Lovely idea of incorporating the buttons in the bouquet, how unique.

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