Lime Crime Launch Liquid Eyeliners and Nail Polish

So you should all know by now how much I love the brand Lime Crime, so to see the range grow again makes me very happy. This month not only has the Unicorn Queen launched the Marie Antoinette palette, but also a new range of liquid eyeliners in the most stunning colours, I’m particularly drawn to the bright, cobalt blue.

Next up, I managed to dig up this little sneak peek of the upcoming dessert inspired nail polish, I’m loving the look of the square bottles and the Unicorn logos, plus, lots of yummy pastel colours, which always win in my books!

What do you think of Lime Crime and their new products?

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3 thoughts on “Lime Crime Launch Liquid Eyeliners and Nail Polish

  1. I’ve never actually tried Limecrime before, maybe because they aren’t as easy to get hold of? Also I think the bright colours have scared me of slightly, however I do think I need to take the plunge! Next on my to try brand list x

    1. Give them a go! You can pick them up direct from Lime Crime or from UK stores like Cosmetic Cocktail and Love Makeup. I love Centrifuschia lipstick, it makes a great cheek tint too and I’ve been playing with the China Doll palette a lot recently.

  2. Woahh, I’m a little jealous now.. I absolutaly adore Lime Crime but the shipping costs to Belgium are insane.. Ordered another lipstick of them yesterday though! x

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