Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Power Shower Hair Removal Cream

Another not so glamorous post from me, but I must say I am surprisingly excited about this new product from Nair. I’ve been old fashioned in my hair removal for a long time and admittedly quite lazy with it too. I am married you know. So, when I was sent the new Nair Brazilian Spa Clay range, I was pleased to be able to try something new. As you know, the wax strips weren’t my thing going forward, but this Power Shower Cream is a different story.

Having tried hair removal creams before and found them messy and smelly, I was sceptical about this one too. However, I can confirmed that I have now purchased myself another bottle of this (it was half price in Boots for an added bonus). The cream is just the right thickness, similar to a body lotion, I applied straight from the tube and used the rigid acrylic spatula to spread it evenly, it was really easy and quick to apply with no mess. You don’t have to use your hands at all which I really liked.

The plastic spatula that comes with the set is a hard plastic modelled around a butter knife, so you use it to spread the product on, rather than the Veet version which I find doesn’t really do much. You apply the cream to dry skin prior to a shower and leave to work for around three minutes, then pop into the shower and allow the product to work for a further two minutes, the thick consistency means it doesn’t wash off easily if you need to shampoo whilst it develops for longer.

You then use the plastic knife to scrape the product off, the curved shape fits perfectly to the leg and the rounded end also helps to get awkward areas around the knees and ankles.

Although you do still get that weird hair removal cream smell, it’s not overpowering like other kinds, it didn’t irritate my skin and left me smooth and moisturised. I’m really impressed and can honestly say that I’m converted and will use this product again and again.

What’s your preferred hair removal method? Am I missing out on another method?

Have you tried any other Nair products? What did you think?

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9 thoughts on “Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Power Shower Hair Removal Cream

  1. This sounds good, I will have to try it x

  2. I will have to try this for my stomach hair soon.

  3. having read your review i decided to try it. im far to sensative for waxing (it makes me cry, and my mum is a beauty therapist who does it for me) and shaving gets on my nerves. i tried nair some years ago and though it was ok but the smell was horrid and it didnt work that well… however after trying this i think i may switch. the smell was quite pleasent (as you said, there was a slight hair removal cream smell but only very slight.) and i was impressed by how smooth my legs were afterwards. i have also tried the facial hair one too, the brush is a bit useless but again im impressed.

    thanks for the review, i wouldnt have tried it otherwise

    1. Thanks for letting me know Rachel, I’ve converted too. It’s great!

  4. Just saw the ad for this on tv tonight. Will def buy now! Ta!!

  5. I might just have to try this, like you I am quite old fashioned in my hair removal approach and married 🙂 I use to try waxing & epilating but was left with constant ingrowing hairs. I would be intrested to know how long this last for?

    1. Hi lovely, I think the time this lasts will really depend on the person and the prep done. It will naturally work better on a exfoliated skin and a little bit of growth. I would say the 7 days that it advertises is pretty accurate, but I think the ease of using the product wins for me over any other hair removal method.

  6. Just curious, The bottle states that it is a Brazilian hair removal system, does that mean??? EveryWhere Hair???

    1. I don’t know why they’ve called it Brazilian. I’d have to check the bottle, but I can’t see why you couldn’t use it for almost everywhere if you really wanted to. 🙂

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