New Beauties at CutECOsmetics

I’m a huge fan of CutECOsmetics, the lovely owner, Rachel has impeccable taste and is such an inspirational woman. She has scored some fantastic new range for her gorgeous little webshop lately and  I just wanted to share with you some of them. If you haven’t seen CutECOsmetics I ask you to drop by the site, I’m doing this out of genuine love for the shop and the brands they stock!

Here’s some of the new arrivals, which I’m so excited to try out for myself!

Priti NYC have released a capsule collection of four metallic shades in time for the Olympics, don’t they look gorgeous? I’m a huge fan of the Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover, I reviewed it recently and fell in love with it, never thought a nail polish remover could be so exciting and beautiful! I won’t be going back to the normal ever again.

This cute range is a bargain if you’re looking to dabble in natural skincare, plus it’s vegan and cruelty free. With prices starting at only £4.75 and recently bagged by John Lewis, why not give this range a try before it’s mainstream! Plus, Rachel is giving away a free mini face mask with every Amie purchase!

And finally, more beautiful nail polishes from the States, this range, Megan Miller has arrived at CutECOsmetics, the first time this range has been in the UK, so again, get it whilst it’s hot! I think the packagaging is beautiful, I’m sure the product will live up to its looks!

What do you think of these new items? Have you visited CutECOsmetics yet?

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4 thoughts on “New Beauties at CutECOsmetics

  1. Great colours. Im definitely going to check them out, Thanks for introducing me doll xx

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for your comment, I hope you will come back soon!

  2. This post has reminded that I really need to pick up some of these Priti nail varnishes, they have some gorgeous colours! Love the look of the Megan Miller range too!

    1. Will you be shopping at CutECOsmetics? They have such a great range.

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