Organic Surge vs. Burt’s Bees Shine Shampoos & Conditioners

I’ve been using Burt’s Bees shampoo and conditioner for quite a long time now, the bottles are huge so they last ages! Most recently, I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Super Shiny shampoo and conditioner, so when I was sent  the Shine Boost shampoo and conditioner from Organic Surge and spotted that they contained very similar ingredients, I thought this was the perfect chance to do a comparison review.

First off, both the Organic Surge and Burt’s Bees have the same claims, they are both paraben free, silicone free and SLS free with lots of natural ingredients. They are both shine ranges and aimed at normal hair types, they are also both citrus based fragrancs.

Here comes the comparison…

Value for Money

Burt’s Bees comes in at a higher price point, at around about £9.99 from Boots, but you get 350ml of concentrated product that I can promise will last a long time.

Organic Surge retails at around £5 for 250ml, so a lot lower priced but for 100ml less product. The consistency of the Organic Surge shampoo is thicker than the Burts Bees one, so in theory you would need less to do the job.


Burt’s Bees Super Shiny shampoo and conditioner has a stronger fragrance than the Organic Surge, smelling strongly of grapefruit in the bottle, however, when on the air the scent becomes more herbal.

Organic Surge shine boost shampoo and conditioner has a very subtle scent, again of grapefruit and this scent remains relatively the same during use.


Both brands are SLS free, so don’t foam as much as conventional shampoos, so don’t expect a huge lather. However, the Organic Surge foams quite surprisingly well for a SLS free shampoo, it’s a soft, smooth lather, but makes it super easy to get all over your hair.

Whereas, the Burt’s Bees shampoo is a very thin consistency which doesn’t foam significantly, it still does the job, but some people might find this difficult to use. The thin consistency also makes it tricky to dispense as it would be easy to use too much.


It’s really difficult to know which one is the best overall, as they are SO similar. The main difference that I noticed is that the Burt’s Bees leaves your hair that odd, squeaky clean which if you don’t use enough conditioner afterwards can make long hair difficult to brush through.

I didn’t notice much wrong with the Organic Surge shampoo, it might be a bit heavy for some hair types due to the use of essential oils, but I think it would be unlikely to be a problem on most hair types.

Both do the job and both produce shiny hair, so it’s difficult to choose a favourite.

The Winner?

I honestly don’t think I can choose a winner as I like them both and I think they are both great value for money. I think if you are looking to try SLS free or natural based haircare for the first time, Organic Surge would be the best bet as it’s performance is close to conventional shampoo and conditioner for a bargain price! But if you are a veteran natural hair care user, you might prefer the 97.20% natural formulation of Burt’s Bees, plus it lasts ages!

Another factor that differentiates between the two is that Organic Surge is made in the UK and Burt’s Bees is a Canadian brand made in the USA, so if you are concerned about supporting British business or the carbon footprint of your beauty products, perhaps Organic Surge would be more for you?

Have you tried natural hair care? Have you tried either of these brands?

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