Our Trip to Canada

If you didn’t know already, last week, hubby and I were in Toronto, Canada celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. We stayed at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York hotel in the centre of Toronto and enjoy super lovely, warm weather for the entire week. Thought I would share some of our snaps with you.

If you scroll through our holiday photos, you’ll see that we ate a lot of yummy food. Check out this bargain of a breakfast, from Fran’s Dinner, we ate there three times. This was a standard pancake breakfast, costing only $10, which is about £7! I had mine with raspberries cooked into them and then lots of maple syrup and butter. Yummm.

Now then, I am surely not a sports fan at all. However, because I’m a nice wife, I went to see a Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets  Baseball game on the Sunday. I’m surprised to say that it was actually a lot of fun! So much more entertaining than any British sport. Love my Blue Jays shirt that we bought and enjoyed the cheerleaders and all the competitions that were run during the game. So much fun, would recommend this experience to anyone. Only problem was, due to an unexpected length of time sat outside in the sun, I burnt my scalp, yuck! Should have bought a hat.

Anyone who knows us, will know that when we go on holiday it’s all about the food! And this holiday was no different, check out our little food shop. Moutain Dew, Swedish Fish and Twizzlers to name a few must haves! We are both a bit obsessed with American/Canadian culture, so love shopping for snacks and even watching TV over there, this trip, we became obsessed with two TV shows: Storage Wars and Duck Dynasty, hope they land on UK TV soon!

A trip to Toronto wouldn’t be complete without visiting nearby Niagara Falls! You can visit from America too, but everyones says that the Canadian side is best! We were really surprised to see that the area surrounding the falls is actually really built up, Clifton Hill is full of tacky seaside attractions and reminded us of Blackpool, luckily we like things like that, but yet, big surprise! Here’s me, looking like a duck according to the hubby on the Journey Behind the Falls, we also did the Maid in the Mist boat trip to the falls to and got soaked!

I’ve got a gazillion other photos, but thought I’d share this one of Matt at Johnny Rocket’s Diner, off Toronto’s version of Time Square. Don’t know why, but when the waitress had finished at our table she drew a smiley face onto a plate with ketchup, so I couldn’t resist this photo.

One of our favourite films is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which is set in Toronto, so during our trip we were on the look out for scenes from the film, I even dip dyed my hair blue before the trip as a homage to the character, Ramona. We didn’t spot too many things from the film, but we visited Casa Loma which features heavily in a scene from the film. You can see the castle in the background of this photo, one of my fave photos of us together on this trip.

Have you been to Canada? Where are you going on holiday this year?

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2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Canada

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I’d love to go to Canada!!

    1. It was fab, thanks Anna. I think we’ll definitely go back at some point.

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