Secret Magnesium Deficiency?

Over the past 6 months I’ve had a number of health  issues and have been in and out of the doctors, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but basically I had lots of tests because the doctors thought I might have a deficiency, it was suspected that I might be anaemic. All the tests came back normal, but I wasn’t feeling any better. So since this, I’ve been researching and pursuing alternative remedies for possible problems that I could have.

When I attended the Vitality show earlier in the year, I went to the BetterYou team after reading about their multi-vitamin Femergy on British Beauty Blogger, she recommended it to me when I was complaining about have very low energy levels. I’ve since been using this supplement and will be reviewing it very soon myself.

At the Vitality Show, I was lucky enough to meet Andrew Thomas the founder and Managing Director of BetterYou Ltd, who are responsible for Femergy and a number of other health products. I was super impressed by Andrew’s knowledge and enthusiasm and was fascinated by what he was telling me about Magnesium, a mineral that our body needs in abundance. Did you know that Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies? We need it for our bones, nervous system, cells, skin, heart and blood, just about everything. However, Magnesium makes up only 1% of the blood, so testing for Magnesium deficiency is quite difficult,therefore, many people may have a Magnesium deficiency without realising it.

Taking a Magnesium supplement can help with energy, joints and oral health. So naturally, I wanted to give it a go. So over the page two months, I have been using the Original Spray of Magnesium Oil from BetterYou.

This supplement is in a spray oil form, which makes it easier for the body to absorb and process. BetterYou also sell Magnesium flakes which can be used in the bath or as a foot soak, if you would find this more convenient. You can spray the oil anywhere on your body and it is recommended to apply between 5-10 sprays morning and night, it works at its best after a shower when the pores on your skin are fully open.

I’ve been applying the Magnesium Oil to my forearms, like you would perfume, because I thought this felt most natural. I rub it in by rubbing my arms together, after discovering that getting this stuff in a cut on your hand, really, really stings!

When you apply you will find it is quite tingly and can sometimes cause a little redness, which is a bit strange, but I’ve been assured that this is normal and it doesn’t last at all. Basically, it’s your skin desperately trying to absorb the goodness. Sometimes, I find that the product leaves a slightly chalky residue, like you get with a roll on deodrant, but it’s nothing major and I can live with it when I take into account the benefits!

Having used this on a regular basis over the last two months or so, I can report that I am feeling a little more energised, I don’t find exercise as much of a chore and I can stay up later without feeling sleepy, it’s also made the skin on my forearms really, really soft. At £12.20 for 100ml, which contains around 800 sprays, it’s a small amount to try it out for!

Have you heard of Magnesium deficiency before?

Which supplements do you use?

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4 thoughts on “Secret Magnesium Deficiency?

  1. Wow this sounds interesting Jayne… tempted to give it a go!

    Nic x

    1. Well worth a try, I honestly think it has made a difference.

  2. Hi Jayne, great post, thanks for sharing your story. It’s a shame there is not better way of testing for magnesium deficiency, isn’t it? The more I look into deficiencies of the body, the more I get confused and frustrated by the ‘cross-over’ between doctors instructions and natural alternatives.

    What was the reason for just rubbing it into your forearms? I did try rubbing in my upper body once, but that just made my heart race and was quite uncomfortable. Now I just rub magnesium oil in my joints and on my lower back, where it hurts most.


    1. For me, rubbing into the forearms felt natural, as it was like rubbing in perfume. I don’t think it matters where you apply it as it’ll still get absorbed.

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