Shu Uemura Mamechiyo Limited Edition UV Under Base Mousse

Here’s another beautifully packaged product from the limited edition Shu Uemura Mamechiyo collection. Introducing, Shu Uemura’s under base mousse. The Shu Uemura mousse is essentially a primer, it’s designed to even out skin tone and smooth out skin texture in preparation for make up application. This one is a pink tinted under base mousse, designed for paler skin tones.

This product also features a SPF 30, so a great way to wear a sunscreen without any greasiness or additional product. Shu Uemura describe their Under Base Mousse as a product for preparing the face for a flawless finish and claim that it will also minimise the appearance of pores.

First off, how pretty is the bottle design? It’s very cute and inspired by Japanese kimono prints, so very up my street. I was however, very confused about this product, it’s another strange one to use. It’s exactly like the name suggests, the texture and appearance of the product is exactly like hair mousse. It’s recommened to use a small amount, the size of a walnut to cover your whole face, but with the typical mousse pump I found it dispensed very quickly so was difficult to control, this is what it looks like.

A bit strange right? I was worried that it would be sticky on the skin, but I’m pleased to say that once applied to the skin, it is very lightweight as promised and has a silky powder finish to it. This one is tinted pink too, which does look odd when applied, but the pink tone helps to balance out any redness or discolouration in the skin.

I wore this as a primer for a few weeks and personally, compared to other products I’ve tried as primers, I wasn’t overly bothered about it. I’m seduced by the packaging and the innovation, but for me I’m not sure it did much for me. I think perhaps, it’s something that would be more useful for a makeup artist or someone more likely to notice the subtle results of such a product. The regular Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse is a number 1 worldwide bestseller for the brand, so it must work wonders for many others.

Have you tried this product? Which primers do you like best?

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2 thoughts on “Shu Uemura Mamechiyo Limited Edition UV Under Base Mousse

  1. As a kimono fan I’m COMPLETELY seduced by the Mamechiyo-inspired packaging! Gorgeous!

    1. So beautiful right? Did you see the other products in the range?

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