Beauty Before Age: Generation Q Illamasqua AW 12

Yesterday I was very excited to finally get to attend an Illamasqua event. I’ve been a fan of the range since it first launched with their Berlin collection just three years ago, it’s always a range that speaks to be inner Goth and my love of theatre. Completely different to anything else out there and with the most amazing, creative team behind it. Being able to attend the Illamasqua AW 12 preview of Generation Q last night at Sanctum in Soho was genuinely a dream come true! I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s so true, when I get enthusiastic about a brand it sticks!

The Autumn Winter 2012 range from Illasmaqua has been entitled Generation Q, inspired by a campaign that ran earlier in the year to show that beauty should not have age limits, the Illamasqua team put out a call for submissions for nominations for beautiful people who deserved a Illamasqua makeover. The models showcased within the Generation Q materials are those that were chosen through this nomination process.

The oldest model is Evelyn, who is 72, she looks amazing don’t you think? Beautiful dewy skin using the reimagined pressed version of Gleam Cream. She’s wearing the new lipstick shade, Magnetism, a deep wine colour, which might just be the exact shade I was looking for, there’s a complimentary nail colour called Charisma which is also divine, a deep shimmery red.

Illamasqua have set out to break the rules once more, this time it’s not about using bright or bizzare colours to make a statement, this time it’s about breaking the convention of beauty being about young, perfect, smooth skin. This time, beauty comes before age, Illasmasqua don’t want us to be defined by out age whether we are 17 or 72, we should be able to choose to wear make up that expresses ourselves and in a style that makes us feel good about ourselves.

The beauty industry is saturated with products aimed at either young people or for anti-ageing, so it’s super refreshing to see a brand embrassing ageing and making it beautiful. Evelyn is just one of the models featured in the range, other models are channelling Debbie Harry with violet lips and pastel pink hair and the librarian look gone Illamasqua style. I can’t wait to share these with you and I’m seriously excited to see how this campaign unfolds.

I got to meet one of my heroes, Alex Box, who is actually heavily pregnant and due any day now! I also got to hang out with the beautiful and lovely Karla Powell, we met up for Starbucks before hand and shared the excitement over this stunning range!

So, this is a sketchy image to show you what to expect from the range, expect neutral mattes and classic berry shades corrupted in typical Illamasqua fashion with a hint of shimmer, glitter and creamy textures. Honestly, the whole range is beautiful and super wearable for all sorts of people. Here are some of the highlights for me…

Illamasqua Empower Palette- £34

Four complimentary shades which David Horne described as a 80s revival inspired by Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (two of my favourite childhood films by the way!) Starting with a sensible matte flesh tone called Blink, which will make a perfect base for any colour. Powder Eyeshadow in Synth is my favourite, it’s a pale pink with a irredescent shimmer finish, it’s a pastel but with some stunning sparkle, reminds me of Sugarpill’s Lumi Loose Eyeshadow. Pressed Pure Pigment in Fervent is what I would call a beetle colour, think Dior Peridot nail polish in a creamy eyeshadow. Then you have New Liquid Metal in Slick a dark gunmetal black with shimmer. Each will look superb on their own and even better layered on top of each other. I can’t wait to get my hands on this in September!

Illamasqua Gleam Cream Reimagined: Gleam in Aurora- £18

Illamasqua withdrew Gleam Cream to recreate it in this pressed cream compact, Gleam in Aurora is a delicious shimmering champagne shade, it looks like it’s going to be quite waxy but the texture is just a delight, lightweigh, creamy almost like a mousse, this will be a beautiful highlighter.

Basically, the whole range is stunning. A range that will suit anyone and that is very wearable for everyday as well as for your alter ego. The concept is beautiful and I can’t wait to for the world to see the statement that Illamasqua are making with their beauty before age, Generation Q collection.

What do you think of the concept? Do you hope to be as glamourous as Evelyn at 72 as well?

What do you think about how mature women are represented (or not so well represented) in the media?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Before Age: Generation Q Illamasqua AW 12

  1. ahh i wish i could’ve made it to the event, products look amazing! x

    1. Truly beautiful, I’m sure you will love it when you get your mitts on it. Perfect collection, amazing concept.

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