Crown Jewels: Regal Jubilee Jewellery

I know, I know, cliched blog title alert on a very current topic that you are maybe almost done with! I just HAD to do a Jubilee post as I am actually quite excited about the Jubilee but feeling sad because I’ve been out of the loop and haven’t really organised anything to celebrate. So I thought I would be lame and just blog something Jubilee related in the form of my kind of jewellery.

There have been so many great limited edition Jubilee products knocking about, but I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Jubilee inspired jewellery.

This pick comes from Yorkshire lovely, Rowan of Kitschen Sink, we share a pun so I had to feature her genius design. Rowan has created a capsule collection for the Jubilee and this one is my favourite…

More perspex beauty from the iconic, Tatty Devine, who also realised a crown collection for the Jubilee. However, I really like this medal necklace that they released today.

I Love Crafty have gone for a cuter Jubilee look with this regal Corgi, which is available as a brooch and necklace. You can pick up this doggy in mirrored gold or classic coloured acrylic.

What Jubilee merchandise have you picked up?

Would you wear any of these kitsch British designs?

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