Essie Good to Go Fast Drying Nail Top Coat

Just wanted to write a quick post to express my love for my latest nail routine find, Essie Good to Go top coat. I was recommended this top coat by my good friend, Laura (She Draws) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend so much on a top coat when previously I have been happy with my super cheap Barry M top coat, but I had been complaining about when you paint your nails just before bed and wake up with bedding print in your polish, so a fast drying top coat appeared to be the solution.

I needed cheering up one day, so thought I would pick up the Essie Good to Go Rapid Dry Top Coat as a treat, I know what you’re thinking, boring treat right? However, it has been an amazing product! You apply a good coat whilst your colour is still slight wet and by the time you’ve finished applying to every nail you’re dry! Plus it has a super glossy finish and helps maintain your polish for longer.

I know there are tons of fast drying nail top coats out there, but I’m glad I took this recommendation as it’s really made painting my nails much easier.

Which top coat do you use?

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2 thoughts on “Essie Good to Go Fast Drying Nail Top Coat

  1. I’m sooo pleased you like it! It does seem like a boring product, but actually it’s the most exciting because it lets you paint your nails quicker and more frequently! And no bed textures anymore!! haha.

  2. this actually sounds perfect!! I’ve given up painting my fingernails now as the evening is the only time I can and they ALWAYS mark! I will have to get some and think Essie is in the brands we get discount on now!! hurrah! x

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