Hurraw Earl Grey Tea Flavoured Lip Balm

Two of my favourite things: lip balm and tea come together as one, super right? Plus, it’s from my favourite beauty shop CutECOsmetics. Introducing the new Earl Grey Hurraw lip balm.

All Hurraw balms are cruelty free, vegan and organic, the American brand uses super high quality cold pressed, raw oils and butters for this quirky little lip balm which aims to be the perfect balance of everything. Not sticky, not too glossy, not sweet, not grainy and also very long lasting.

With a base of Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil, Hurraw balms are not the texture you might be used to from a conventional balm, whereas other butter or wax base balms, Hurraw feels like a oil on your lips. Oils are becoming increasingly more popular in skin products as an oil base is more compatible with the natural make up of our skin, so although when I say oil, it’s not to be thought of as greasy or slimy as it is not.

The other unusual thing about Hurraw balms is their shape, instead of the typical cylindric tube, these little fellows are in a flattened oval tube. It wasn’t obvious to be what the benefit of this was at first but having played with my Hurraw balm for a few weeks now I can say that they take up a little less space and can be concealed in a pocket easily without a dodgy looking bulge. The eclipse shaped balm also makes for a more precise application too.

The fragrance of this one is Earl Grey tea which is solely coming from the Bergamot essential oil in there, did you know that Bergamot fragrance help you feel happy? It’s not a fragrance for everyone, but I personally love it!

Overall, I’m still sticking with my EOS balm for everyday as I like it’s lightweight feel, whereas Hurraw balms are a bit heavier. However, I find the Hurraw balm great for a more intensive treatment, such as for night time and also as a great cuticle cream. Since it’s rich it beautiful Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil, it’s a perfect topical balm for very dry skin. Most of all though, I LOVE the branding and the fragrance of this one.

Have you tried Hurraw balm or another tea fragrance product?

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4 thoughts on “Hurraw Earl Grey Tea Flavoured Lip Balm

  1. I need this in my life 😀

    1. You should just check out the lip balm selection on CutECOsmetics, so many tea flavours. I also love the Crazy Rumors Chai Tea lip balm.

  2. such cute pics! x

    1. Thanks Nic, was pleased I had this mini tea cup as a prop!

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