Modern Pin-up Styling with Collectif Clothing

Ok, so I know I complain ALOT about struggling to find clothes, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that these complaints are largely aimed at the High Street where there are no niches anymore, you either wear what’s on offer or don’t buy anything at all. I’m pleased to say that there are some lovely brands out there that help to fill these gaps. One of these brands is Collectif, who specialise in 40s and 50s retro, pin up, rockabily clothing that is affordable and wearable. You can find them online and at their shops in Spitalfields and Convent Garden.

I have a few things from Collectif and find that their items are good value for money and within my budget, allowing me to buy clothes with options and also a touch of quirk. This weekend, I styled up my latest Collectif blouse, to show how you can bring the 50s pin up look up to date with your own touches, so cue a long over due, posy self portrait or two.

I’m wearing the Collectif Gerry Apple Blouse in Teal, which is 40s style shirt with a small apple style print on it and a large cream collar and pretty buttons. It’s a polyester fabric, so not the most glamorous fabric, but at only £35 it’s well in budget and worth it for something different. It’s a great waist length shirt, which is great for me as I struggle to find tops that don’t cover my hips, I hate tops that sit longer than my hips (which means that they don’t fit very well) so was very pleased to find a shirt that sat where it should.

The shirt fits me just perfectly and I love the teal colour, you can also get this blouse in red. The big colour and vintage inspired print make it super versatile, allowing me to channel the vintage vibe but without looking like I’m in costume.

This shirt would go great with a pencil skirt, smart trousers or jeans. I’ve worn it with high waisted shorts which I would wear with tights when it’s cooler and bare legs if it’s really, really warm. My shorts are from Miss Selfridge and are a few seasons old. To complete the quirkiness I’ve added my Irregular Choice Cheese on Toast, bronze coloured cat wedges and my Jammie Dodger necklace from Biscuit Boutique.

I’m going to do a separate post on my make up from this shoot as I’ve used my new Lime Crime Palette D’ Antoinette pastel eye palette, which is well worth a full review.

What do you think of my new Collectif blouse? How would you style it?

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6 thoughts on “Modern Pin-up Styling with Collectif Clothing

  1. Wow you look fab, looking forward to a post on your makeup!

    1. The make up post will be up tomorrow, hope you will like it. I have just scheduled it. Thank you for your comment.

  2. You look lovely.

  3. Love the first pic – how sweet would that blouse be with THE blue patent bag? 😉 x

  4. LOVE the shoes especially. You’re so pretty Jayne :)xx

  5. So pretty! Glad you found somewhere to find beautiful modern but vintage inspired clothes! x

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