Ormonde Jayne London Perfumery Discovery Set

Here’s something a bit luxurious and glamourous for you today. Let me introduce you to the stunningly beautiful world of Ormonde Jayne, a London based perfumery inspired by a lifetime of passion and developed to recreate the time and art of perfume creation. The London fragrance house aims to bring ultimate luxury to the table using scents that are rare and exotic to create the highest quality of perfumes and colognes.

I’ve been playing with the Ormonde Jayne PerfumeryDiscovery Set over the past few weeks, first off let me show you just how stunning the packaging is, because you know me, I’m a sucker for beautiful boxes.

The matte black box slides open with a pull of a black grosgrain ribbon to reveal one side full of perfume vials and the other side which contains a little booklet introducing the scents.

You get 12 2ml vials of fragrance, that feature a spray pump applicator so you can really enjoy every fragrance properly.   The fragrances are heavily influenced by Asia, featuring ingredients such as Osmanthus from Japan, Champaca from India and Sampaquita from Philipines. Never heard of any of those before right? That’s the exciting thing, these are notes that are rarely seen in mass branded fragrance, so experiencing them in this set is super interesting.

I haven’t tried all of the fragrances yes, but at the moment I am really enjoying Champaca, within the accompanying booklet you can read all about the inspiration behind the fragrance and details of the notes. Champaca features top notes of Neroli, Pink Pepper and Bamboo, Heart notes of Champaca, Freesia and Basmati along with Base notes of Myrrh, Green Tea and Musk. A super sophisticated fragrance which lasts for hours. For me, I can really pick up on the Neroli and Green Tea.

Ormonde Woman is also featured in the set, this is Ormonde Jayne’s signature fragrance featuring Cardamon, Hemlock, Violet, Jasmine and Cedar wood among other things, again it’s another rich and elegant scent. Really unique.

One of the most interesting experiences on offer at Ormonde Jayne stores in London is the Perfume Portrait service, where guests are invited to smell single notes of fragrance at a time to help you find your perfect fragrance, plus you get to drink champagne during. I can’t wait to go visit one of the stores.

Have you heard of Ormonde Jayne?

What’s your favourite type of fragrance?

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