Review: Colour Clip In Hair Extensions

Ok, so we all know that I generally suck at doing hair. So, when I find something simple that I can manage that can give me a new look I jump at it. I’ve managed to do the dip dye with blue Directions hair dye for myself, but it’s not always practical to do  proper dye job, so clip in hair extensions in fun fashion colours is a great alternative, plus, if you’re working in a more conventional job role, clip in hair extensions are surely going to be a more practical option for you to experiment with.

I was sent three lots of clip in hair extensions from the website, Hot Hair, two lots of full length wefts and one clip in highlight strand.

These clip in hair extensions are a good quality material, the full length extensions are Tru2Life synthetic hair, which is actually safe to style, so you can straighten, curl and crimp these to suit your personal hair type. The clip in hair colour strip is made of 100% fine human hair and therefore also safe to use heated styling on it.

Each strip features metal clip in combs to hold them in place, the full length extensions have three and the strand have just one, they clip open and close for a secure and comfortable fit.

To pop these hair extensions in, it’s really easy, just section the hair and clip into place. You might need to play around a bit to find the perfect spot for your particular hair type and hair style, I found it worked well to clip in just below the crown of my head and in a inverted v shape to be able to see a good amount of colour once finished.

As you can see the clip in extensions seem to blend quite well with my natural hair texture, which is great. They work particularly well on my hair cut at the moment, as the layered hair cut allows the colour to peep through. I’ve got all three sets of extensions in here so that you can see the colours.

Overall, I really like the colour and texture of these extensions from Hot Hair, they are super easy to put in and remove and offer lots of options when it comes to styling. As I mentioned, I’m not the best at hair styling, so I think I need some practise to get the best results, but I would certainly recommend these to anyone looking to experiment with their hair without the commitment and mess of hair dye.

Also, if you’re worried about them getting messy, you can use a Tangle Teezer to brush they through and help to blend them into your natural hair without damaging the extensions.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for hair extensions?

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2 thoughts on “Review: Colour Clip In Hair Extensions

  1. My top tip for extensions has to be to store them either rolled safely in a hairnet and popped in a drawer, or to clip them onto trouser-coat hangers, and then using the top of the hanger to pierce through a plastic bag, and drawing it down so it covers the extensions 😀 Keeps them from getting tangled and ratty – and if you use the ‘corner shop blue bags’ they won’t get as staticky 😀

    That purple one is a stunning colour!

    1. Fab tips Amii, thank you!

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