The Fringe Dilemma

Ok, so this happens about three times a year. I get bored with my hair, toy with the idea of having a fringe and then don’t do it. I’ve had a fringe a few times and think it looks nice but I either get bored with styling it or bored of it getting in my eyes. However, in recent months I’ve become better at styling my hair, I blow dry it straight of wavy and sometimes sleep in rollers, because of this change in my styling habits, I’m now thinking it might be more realistic to consider a fringe.

I’m due a hair cut, so really need your advice to help my decide what to go for before I book an appointment. There are a few celebrity hair styles that have inspired my fringe dreams, help me decide which one I could work with best.

Zooey Deschanel, is certainly the main inspiration behind my fringe dreams, Zooey is one of my major girl crushes and love her even more since seeing her in New Girl and listening to her band, She and Him. To me, Zooey has the perfect style and the perfect hair. Only problem when translating this to me is that Zooey has naturally thick wavy, curly hair whereas I have lots of fine, flyaway hair which is naturally very straight. Will this translate to me?

Olivia Wilde, another girl crush. Olivia’s style is easier for me to envision on me as it looks like we have similar hair types. I also reckon we have a similar face shape which makes this style seem more achievable. What do you think? Also, might I add, how magical does this dress look?

Then, there’s the Bettie Page inspired full fringe that I know would be a no go for a fringe rookie. I love Jessie J‘s fringe, even though I know that most of the time it is most likely a really good wig and Rooney Mara‘s fringe is just stunning, but again, too high maintenance for me.

Especially love Jessie J’s purple dip dye, it’s gorgeous. I certainly seem to have a thing for black hair on girls don’t I? I think it’s because I love how black hair contrasts with beautiful pale complexions, it’s ace!

I love this up do on Rooney Mara, she looks so flawless. Perfect make up too, love those brows. This look would be super high maintenace.

What do you think? What type of fringe do you think I would suit?

What tips for you have for fringe styling?

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