Blogger & PR Lessons #2: Blogger Fails

Here’s my next post in my series of lessons. Of course, this is my opinion and is from my experience of working with bloggers, as a blogger and as a social media manager.

This is based on things that I (and some pros via Twitter too) don’t like seeing bloggers do who are trying to work with brands and/or become a blogging professional. If you want to work with brands directly, you need to run your blog like a business and I think lots of people forget about this. I’m going to keep this in a simple list form as there are many blogger fails. I’ve had a few contributions to this list via Twitter too, so thanks to all who took part.

We all complain about PRs and brands screwing up, but have you ever thought about what you might be failing at?

  1. Breaking PR product embargoes.
  2. Sharing too much information, unless that’s what your blog is about, TMI is not appealing.
  3. Publicly being a bully or bitching about people in the community, even if you don’t name them.
  4. Not getting your facts right in your blog post, but writing besttramadolonlinestore.com like they are facts.
  5. Bragging about freebies or press event invites.
  6. Getting too drunk/ being unprofessional at press events.
  7. Stealing photos from other bloggers without permission.
  8. Emailing PRs copy & paste intro emails asking for freebies.
  9. Sending PRs shopping lists.
  10. Never responding to a PR ever again once you’ve received a sample.
  11. Turning up to events uninvited.
  12. Bring +1’s to events without permission.
  13. Cookie cutter blog reviews, feeling you have to adopt a certain style.
  14. Not interacting with your readers either via social media or blog comment replies.
  15. Exploiting ‘press status’ at events to blatantly get free stuff.
  16. Delusions of grandeur. Having a blog doesn’t automatically make you famous/ worthy of attention.
  17. Selling PR samples.
  18. Thinking that the only way you can blog is with freebies.
  19. Forgetting that some of the established blogs paved the way for beauty blogging as it is today.
  20. Leaving super short comments with long URLs on other people’s blogs.

I think I’ll leave it at twenty right now, I’m sure there are tons more too. Let me know if you think of something that annoys you about bloggers. And I promise that my next post will be more positive.

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12 thoughts on “Blogger & PR Lessons #2: Blogger Fails

  1. One of my pet hates, which doesn’t happen that often is those saying ‘follow me and I’ll follow you’ or ‘I follow back’ via blog comments and tweets.

    1. Oh yes, that one should be on the list. Super stupid. I will purposefully not even look at someone who says that. It’s much better to actually have an engaging conversation.

    2. I agree, man that’s hella annoying..or…. “nice, follow me”


      1. I love that you just said hella. Thanks for your comment!

        1. Agreed!

          1. I’m pleased Charlie! Anything you want to add?

  2. Hi!

    Great blogging tips, thank you for sharing!

    I’m a relatively new blogger, and these kind of posts are always useful to read.

    Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura, I try to write them often, I have more in the Blog Tips category if you are interested in more? Let me know if you have any questions ever.

  3. well I definitely agree with the third one especially! Oh and I agree, those “let’s follow each other!” comments are so irritating!

    1. Thanks for reading poppet, glad you liked it.

  4. As the other commenter said ‘Follow me and I’ll follow back’….if I like your blog, I’ll follow, if its not my type I won’t. So annoying. Good points, always interested in reading posts like these!

  5. Can I put ‘leaving the shortest possible comment on a post while adding in all your own blog details, details of your giveaway and a follow me back request that are way longer than the actual comment’ as my pet peeve please! In fact I got one of those today and now I’m going to go and remove it!

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