Illamasqua Generation Q Masterclass

Yesterday, I had such a great day in London. I met up with the lovely Karla Powell and took her for scone and tea at Camellia World of Tea in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street to start off, we then headed over the Illamasqua, Beak Street to meet up with the also super lovely Jodie Stammers to attend a make up lesson introducing some of the techniques from the upcoming Generation Q collection from Illamasqua. The new collection has been designed to show that any age can enjoy Illamasqua and the creativity and experimenting that comes with the brand.

Illamasqua Make Up Artist, Claire, brought her Mum along to model for us and showed some techniques that work for any age group and how to adapt them for a more mature skin.

First Illamasqua tip, apply eye make up first, so that the foundation can be used to tidy up and create a flawless finish without the dropped powders from eye make up. After applying a neutral, matte base to Mama Lille, Claire demonstrated the Illamasqua technique, Skin Sketching, using a soft pencil to define the socket and a brush to soften and blend.

I’m just going to point out here, another great tip from Claire, as you can see above, the eye pencil has a wooden handle rather than the Illasmaqua black handle, this is because she’s picked up some holders from an art shop, so that you can use up ever last bit of a pencil without struggling with a stubby, short pencil, such a great tip!

I love Claire’s hair colour and her eyebrows are amazing! The next step, the beautiful, Illamasqua Empower Palette (my favourite) was used to layer on shimmering colours.

This palette is beautiful, one of my favourite colours is Fervent which is currently available in a Pure Pigment, in this palette it’s been pressed. Illamasqua don’t want people to be afraid of shimmer, no matter what they age, so this palette has adapted shimmer to a super wearable colour and texture that works for everyone.

I picked up the best eyebrow tip yesterday, which I’m going to share on a seperate post soon, once I’ve tried it out. After filling in the brows, Claire use white Skin Base mixed with the models own shade of Skin Base as a highlighter, using a angled brush to neaten the edge of brows and add highlights in desired areas. These highlights are later blended into the foundation.

Another weird tip, that most wouldn’t think to try is using the Illamasqua Cream Pigments for colour correction, I’ve tried this myself and it works. Emerge Cream Pigment is great for combating dark circles under the eyes, dab on and  then apply foundation over the top, you can see it here, it’s the oddest peach shade. The model now has completed eyes, brows and foundation now.

How amazing does this make up look? It’s an adapted look of what Claire is wearing, so it goes to show how the technique works for both age groups.

Here’s some of the new Generation Q products due out in September…

What do you think? Which of those products have caught your eye? And finally, here’s me and Karla being Illamasqua Fan Girls…

I’ll be trying out some of these technique soon, so I’ll report back when I know more. Karla, Jodie and I had a great time at Illamasqua followed by a super fun trip to pro make up shop, Charles Fox and food at Sophie’s Steakhouse in Covent Garden. Seriously, such a great day!

What do you think of the new Illamasqua collection?

Have you been to one of their classes?

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4 thoughts on “Illamasqua Generation Q Masterclass

  1. What an amazing experience! Love the blush you’re holding (& your bows!)

    Nic x

    1. It was SO good! The blush is a new Sophie Powder Blush, I tried it on and it’s lovely, I think you’d really suit it.

  2. I love all the generation Q products. Those palettes look great and the peachy blush looks pretty. I can’t wait for the release. Illamasqua is such a great brand – so inclusive for everyone.

    1. I love Illamasqua too! Such a great brand, I can’t wait for this to launch and see what impact it has on the market. The peachy blusher is called Sophie, I think it’s going to be a best seller.

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