Make Up Tips: Perfect Brows

Brows are one of my favourite things when it comes to make up, it’s one of the things that I just have to do when applying make up. Being fair, if I don’t fill in my brows they are hardly noticeable. I love the vintage make up look too, so it’s always about brows. At the Illamasqua class on Saturday, I picked up a great new tip for creating neat brows that I just had to share with you. It’s one of my fave tips I’ve learnt lately and it’s genuinely changed my make up routine.

Step One: Using an Angled Brush and a brow colour of your choice (I’m using items from Ilah Brows) draw diagonal tramlines at the point of your brows, where you want them to peak. I’d never thought to do this bit first before!

Step Two: Draw in the end of the brow first (the tail) this is where you want heavier colour. You want less on the inside of the brow, so fill in this last without topping up your brush.

I used two shades of Ilah Brow powder mixed for my ideal shade.

Step Three: Another tip from Illamasqua for highlighting brows coming now. You can use a highlighter (such as Benefit’s High Beam) or a pale shade of foundation, Claire at Illamasqua used white Skin Base mixed with the models own shade for a non shimmery finish. Using an angled brush again, flick out a fan of brush strokes a the peak of the brow. Later, you can blend this into your foundation.

Stay tuned for the finished look!

What’s your top tip for perfect brows?

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2 thoughts on “Make Up Tips: Perfect Brows

  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I hate my eyebrows, they just grow awfully! x

    1. I’m fortunate that my brows are very faint, they don’t need a lot of taming. I just tweeze every so often, having good tweezers makes a huge difference, Tweezerman ones are my fave.

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