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Ok, so if you haven’t already seen a MUA Undressed Palette review a gazillion times already, here’s another one. I had to feature it though as I’m genuinely really, super impressed with the value for money and quality from the MUA range. One of MUA’s latest releases is the MUA Undressed Palette.

If you have been living under a rock lately and don’t already know, this is of course, a ‘dupe’ of the Urban Decay Naked palette. It’s only natural that any brand would want to mimic the insane success of the Naked palettes, so good for MUA! They’ve done a blooming good job of it too. Now, I’ve not tried the Urban Decay Naked palette, because let’s face it, when you’ve read a gazillion blog reviews of it, you don’t really need to buy it, plus I’m usually into brighter colours so it wasn’t really something that excited me.

So, to the MUA Undress Palette, you’ve got a lovely mix of neutral based colours and a mix of shimmers and mattes. The three shades on the top row (1,3 and 5) are lovely useful mattes. I love the 5th shade for my brows and the first shade is  great base. The rest of the colours are pearlescent or shimmery and very similar to both the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the PIXIGlow Tinkerbell palette. But, a lot more affordable!

Instead of just swatching these beauties, I thought I would share with you two looks that I’ve worn recently using purely shadows from this palette.

This was a denim coloured eyeshadow look I did at the weekend using the top blue shades in the palette, as you can see they are a really strong pigment and have a great metallic finish. I applied these over the Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper primer, which I think has really enhanced the performance of the shadow. I’ve used the matte brown shade on my brows too.

Here’s another look I wore, which shows how beautiful the MUA Undressed Palette is worn with the upcoming new Illamasqua Precision Ink colour, Wisdom, which I featured last week. Excuse the shiny skin, this was taken near the end of the day and sadly my foundation wasn’t playing.

To sum up, this is a great palette, super useful and versatile and a bargain. I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to pick it up to add to your collection.

What do you think of MUA palettes? Have you tried the Undressed or Urban Decay Naked palette?

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  1. This looks like a really nice palette! I love the variety of colors and they all look beautiful! 🙂

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