Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Lavender & Geranium Range

For the past few weeks, I’ve had real trouble sleeping, so I was interested to see if using some herbal remedies could help out. I’ve been using the Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Shower Gel & Body Lotion before bed and I must say they have helped me relax, especially when teamed with Badger Balm Sleep Balm.

Organic Surge do not use SLS or parbens, they are Eco Cert Organic and 98% of ingredients are natural. Plus, for an added bonus everything is created and made in the UK, which is very rare these days.

I love the name Gentle Meadow, it’s just a happy feeling and image, the blend is a mixture of Lavender and Geranium oil. It’s a gentle scent, which isn’t overpowering and doesn’t have that ‘nanny’ strong lavender smell. The oils are in the products at a low level, which reflects the affordable pricing and soft scent.

The Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Shower Gel is a thick jelly like gel, with a Aloe Leaf Juice base, super softening and gentle on skin and very easy to use. As with other SLS free gels this one doesn’t foam lots, but give a nice lather from the use of SLS alternatives such as Sodium Coco-Sulfate.

The Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Body Lotion is a Almond Oil and Glycerine based lotion, as with the Shower Gel it features the essential oils in a low level for a soft fragrance and affordable price point. I really like the texture of this lotion, it’s super lightweight, so it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and it is also really cooling too. The lavender scent lasts a long time without being overpowering. I’ve found this just lovely on a warms evening. I’m not usually a body lotion or butter fan, but this is one I can use without a second thought.

Have you tried Organic Surge? What’s your favourite body lotion?

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2 thoughts on “Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Lavender & Geranium Range

  1. Well I’m sold….Natural and British, both boxes ticked! I love the smell of lavender & geranium probably a little more than the average boy should, but hey I like what I like! Are they reasonably priced?

  2. I’m really interested to hear that you found these helpful as I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep too, I’m a night time worrier! I’m always a bit skeptical about what would help, but I don’t like taking unneccessary tablets, so I think being able to work something into your routine that can help is a great idea!
    Mel x

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