Shu Uemura Masterclass Event with Mei Rees

Tonight I’ve been with some lovely bloggers at a very small Shu Uemura Masterclass event in their dinky Covent Garden store on Neal Street. The amazing make up Shu Uemura make up artist, Mei Rees talked us through the 5 different textures of Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadows and the wonderful concept that is their Color Atelier custom palette design.

First off, beauty lovers heaven or what? Here’s some of the beautiful shades…

Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadows are available in five finishes, designed for layering as well as being beautiful on their own: Matte, Pearl, Iridescent, Metallic and Glitters. The blushes, that also fit into the Colour Atelier palettes are available in either matte or pearl finish.

Mei demonstrated the use of the Shu Uemura gel liner as a base, layered with multiple textures, including one of Mei’s favourites, Creamy Eyeshadow in 101 to create a shimmering, mermaid inspired look that would be easy to wear, all finished off with eyelash curling from Shu’s iconic gold curlers and best selling corner lashes.

Can you see the shimmer? Mei says that if you’re ever worried about how to wear shimmer or glitter, applying to the centre of the lid is always a good bet, this will help add shape to the lid and highlight the centre. So, what’s the best thing about Color Atelier? You can create your own palette! You purchase a empty palette ranging between £4-£10 and then pick up the pans that suit you priced between £11-£16.

The Quad palette, which I’m sure will be the winner for most can fit four eyeshadows, two blushes or a combination of one blush with two eyeshadows. I went for four eyeshadows, as I was excited to try the layering technique, I will write you a separate review once I’ve had a play!

The refills come in pans held in plastic pods, as you would find if you were buying professional supplies and then you simply slip them into the pallette and slide the tray in. Super fun! I love being able to choose the colours and the layout in the palette.

What do you think of my chosen palette combination? The second from the left is the creamy 101 as recommended by Mei, I can’t wait to try it!

Have you tried anything from Shu Uemura?

What do you think of custom palettes?

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7 thoughts on “Shu Uemura Masterclass Event with Mei Rees

  1. I love the look of these palettes, they look almost futuristic in their white design and somehow remind me of Apple products, haha. I definitely want to get one and I love the fact that you can pick and choose what colours you want. You chose some gorgeous shades!
    Sounds like a great event, would love to have been there.
    Mel x

    1. REALLY nice event, lovely to go to something interactive and small for a change. It’s the most beautiful packaging.

  2. They look fantastic – i love the pick ‘n’ mix approach…. saves wasting those colours that dont suit one’s colouring in ready-made palettes. Love that model’s hair, too!

    1. So fun! The whole concept is around choosing colours that you will use, there’s always something in a pre made palette that gets wasted!

  3. Oh all the pretty colours, I want them all!

    1. Me too! it was hard to choose.

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