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I was so excited to see that temporary tattoos are making a comeback, many of us remember them as freebies with magazines like Shout, Mizz and Girl Talk in the 90s. I’ve been trying out both the glitter tattoos and traditional temporary tattoos this week and have surprised myself at how much I’ve loved them. My temporary tattoos review will be up as a guest post on another blog at the end of this week.

Here’s what it looks like, you can pick it up in Boots in the same aisle as the make up brushes and fake nails.

The main kit contains star shaped stencils of various sizes, two colours of glitter, glue and a brush. You can also buy additional stencils that contain designs such as hearts, swallows and anchors. Super cute stuff!

The stencils are stick on but thick enough to reuse, which is great, as it means this kit will last ages. Here’s how you do it…

Stick on the chosen stencil to where you would like to apply the design, I’m finding that the smooth skin of the inside of the wrist is a subtle location as well as allowing the design to last the longest.

Apply the glue, which comes in a super easy to use lipgloss style, doe foot applicator. You could use eyelash glue if you run out or loose this one and I’m sure it would have the same effect. Let the glue go tacky and then you can dust on the glitter with the enclosed brush.

The glitter is super fine, so doesn’t feel scratchy on the skin and sticks really easily. You then peel back the transfer and return it to its protective sheet and tidy up with the brush. I found that I didn’t need a lot of tidying up, which is great news. It also wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be. You don’t need lots of glitter for this. Press down the glitter to ensure any loose bits are in place.

Et voila! I love it. The shape is really neat and the silver glitter makes it a bit more discreet. I think this would be great for a party or festival. For me, I’ll just be wearing it to the office. Really, really love this kit, it is so easy to use and great fun. I’ll certainly be playing with it again!

What do you think?

Would you wear temporary tattoos?

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3 thoughts on “Skin Art Glitter Temporary Tattoos

  1. I’m loving the comeback of fake tatts! I’ve not seen the glitter ones at first and must be honest the finished picture is not at all what I was expecting, it looks lovely! x

    1. Really love it! Not what I was expecting either, actually really wearable and long lasting. Would highly recommend!

  2. I love glitter tattoos, I’ve got all sorts of glitter colours. Just a little tip. For nice sharp points, make sure you apply the glue from outside the point inwards, rather than from inside the shape up to the point, which can push the glue under the stencil and spoil the shape. x

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