Badger Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Sunscreen

Did you know that good old Badger Balm did sunscreen? Well they do! I love Badger, firstly because how can you not love a product that has cute illustrations of Badgers on the packs? So, so sweet. I love their Sleep Balm and Cuticle Cream, they are both lovely and hubby uses the Muscle Rub after he’s been cycling.

I’ve been a bad beauty blogger lately and haven’t been using a sunscreen. Did you know that you should wear a SPF on your face everyday, no matter the weather? The sun’s harmful rays are the main cause of ageing, so it’s important to protect yourself. I also personally have an issue with creams on my face, I don’t like how they feel most of the time and find that they can change the performance of my make up, this is a little problem I’ve yet to find a solution for just yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

How cute is the bottle and box? I really love the traditional look of the packaging and of course, the badger! This product is BUAV approved cruelty free and holds other badges for being organic and natural. From this product you get your broad spectrum SPF 16 from the ingredient Titanium Dioxide which is a mineral ingredient and natural sun protectant, it’s commonly an ingredient in mineral based make up too.

The texture is very much like your standard white coloured sun cream, it sits on the skin but without feeling heavy. I adore the scent of this cream, it’s rose scented. Rose is an amazing ingredient for antioxidant and anti ageing properties as well as being a gorgeous scent. The product also lavender, a great balancing ingredient and chamomile which we all know is a calming ingredient.

The pump bottle makes it easy to apply without mess, my only negative is that it is a very small bottle. You don’t need much to do the job but I would imagine that if you were using this regularly you might run out quickly, so this is something I need to put the test!

Have you tried any Badger products? Do you use a daily SPF?

What sun screens would you recommend?

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1 thought on “Badger Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Sunscreen

  1. Always wear a daily SPF but never heard of this! Rose scented though? Yum!

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