Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Extra Light

Ok, so my BB cream experience with the Garnier one really put me off BB creams in general, to me I honestly don’t see how European BB creams are anything more than just a tinted moisturiser. I know that lots of people are opting for BB creams for a more natural finish and a lightweight feel, so being a good beauty blogger I couldn’t give up too easily. When I heard that Bobbi Brown had released a BB cream I knew I had to try it, surely this was a brand that was mean to nail the BB cream?

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream comes in only four shades, which is very unlike Bobbi Brown who usually cater to all skin tones, the palest shade, Extra Light suits me just perfectly but the darkest shade is basically what I would wear if I tanned, so not at all dark at all, so this is such a shame. I know that the lovely Dija is waiting for her BB creams to come out, so I’m hoping Bobbi will launch Dija’s shades very soon!

With hindsight, I have no idea why I’ve swatched this on the underneath of my arm, because I’m clearly not that colour on my face, which makes this colour look so wrong for me. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream includes a SPF 35 which is great as I’m always forgetting to wearing sunscreen, so this makes it easier for me.

I’ve been applying with my fingers and buffing in with a foundation brush when required, this works well for me. The coverage is light but buildable, very similar to the Illamasqua Skin Base, but maybe doesn’t cover spots quite as well. I need to get a concealer to go with this really.

On it’s own, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream has great staying power with a slightly dewy finish, without looking slimy (like the Garnier BB Cream did for me) it also works with a dusting of mineral powder on top for a matte finish and a little help with staying power.

I’ve been wearing this everyday for about two weeks now and certainly preferring it over my other foundations, it feels lightweight, the shade it good and it’s very easy to apply. Because it’s not greasy (like some other BB creams) it would be suitable for oilier skin, I don’t think it would work well on dry skin as I think you’d like it could cake into flaky skin. Would I buy it again? Yes! And It’s made me want to try more Bobbi Brown products too.

Which BB Creams do you rate?

What are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?

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5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Extra Light

  1. This is interesting as I didn’t get on with Garnier either. It made my skin break out which it rarely does! The Bobbi Brown one sounds good – may have to have a look at that. x

  2. I keep meaning to try this and forgetting!
    Seeing it on you gives me hope as I’m also very fair skinned.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. You will love it Emma, let me know when you get around to trying it.

  3. I had this tried on me the other night and I have to say I loved it. For men, it just balances everything out, and as your picture so effectively proves, it’s almost completely undetectable!

    Love the post! 🙂

    1. It really is pretty special. Doesn’t look like make up at all, I’m converted. I thought I wouldn’t find better than Illamasqua Skin Base and I have.

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