Famous by Sue Moxley Define the Line Eye Pencils

I keep being impressed by this range! I spotted a Famous make up stand in a new look Superdrug store and gosh, they have done such a good job with the whole range, it looks great! Really stands out and merchandised well too, have you spotted it yet? I’ve been playing with four of the Famous by Sue Moxley Define the Line soft khol pencils (I’m sure it’s supposed to be Kohl though?)

The shape of these pencils are the same of the skinny pencils from Eyeko, they long tapered handle means that your pencil will last longer, you can use up to the very last chunk of lead and not have to struggle with handling, it’s a great idea! If you wanted to adopt this with your existing pencils, you can actually pick up pencil extenders in art shops, why not take a look?

I’ve got four colours here: Cosmic which is a soft black with silver sparkles, Electric a pearly aqua blue, Laid Bare a classic nude and Unleashed a classic black. I love the branding and packaging, really handy how the handles show you the colour a quick glance. All the pencils come with lids, but for some reason I didn’t photograph them with lids on.

Here’s the standard beauty blogger swatches, the pencils are super soft and easy to blend as well as being great at creating solid lines. My favourite is the Electric shade, the pearly blue, it’s amazing! The others are pretty standard but nonetheless very useful shades. I’ll use the nude shade as a base for powder shadows to help them last longer.

I decided to give the Illamasqua Skin Sketching technique a go with the blue pencil. Skin Sketching is when you sketch onto the skin with a soft pencil and then use brushes to blend, you can then also add shadows on top to enhance the effect, I used the Famous Define the Line pencil in Electric to sketch into the socket of the eye, blending with a brush and then added a blue shadow from the Accessorize Lovely Day Palette (review coming soon) I just love the effect…

What do you think? Have you tried Skin Sketching?

Have you tried the Famous Define the Line pencil?

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2 thoughts on “Famous by Sue Moxley Define the Line Eye Pencils

  1. Hi where can I buy the eye liners from please, Iv been using the blue aqua for years but can’t find it in the shops? Thanx lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa, I haven’t seen this brand for a long time either, not sure what happened with them but could be worth speaking to the Superdrug team directly on social media to see if they know more.

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