Lime Crime Nail Polish in Once in a Blue Mousse

So a while back I let you know that one of my favourite brands, Lime Crime was planning on launching a beautiful collection of pastel nail polishes. I was sad to see that no one in the UK was stocking them upon launch so kind of forgot about them, until I spotted them at Cocktail Cosmetics, who are stocking the entire Lime Crime range in the UK. At only £5 each these little beauties are well worth a try and the perfect little treat!

The range is inspired by desserts and all of the names reflect that theme. At first glance, don’t they look marvellous? The boxes are very cheap quality, but I like the attention to detail in the design, for example, the exterior of the boxes are glossy and patterned and the insides are matte bright lime green, very on brand! For a fiver though, I’m surprised they even bothered with a box, so I’m seeing it as a bonus.

I love the frosted glass that they’ve chosen for the bottle and the shape, it makes it stand out and of course, I love the unicorn logo on the cover, how can you not love a unicorn!? The lid/brush however is a lot less inspiring, just a plain black gloss plastic and feels very budget again. But hey, it’s a fiver, it’s just a more interesting version of Barry M so you can’t complain too much.

Ok, so here’s the shade I’m wearing today, it’s called Once in a Blue Mousse and I LOVE it, it’s a very soft powder blue a bit more sophisticated than the pastel blues I normally wear. The downside? The brush is dodgy, it’s very thick and scratchy so application was a bit trickier than I’m used to and you definitely need two coats, but I think most people do two coats anyway, so again, it’s a fiver and it’s different so I’m not going to complain.

Would I buy them again? Yes probably, I’d rather buy this for a fiver than one of the mass brands in Boots, as I like to be supporting a smaller company who I love. If you want to pick one up, visit Cocktail Cosmetics and be tempted by their wonderful range of make up.

What do you think of this shade? What’s your fave shade of blue?

Have you tried Lime Crime make up?

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3 thoughts on “Lime Crime Nail Polish in Once in a Blue Mousse

  1. Its a beautiful colour. Happy Birthday doll, hope your having a wonderful day and amazing year a head:)

    Sara xx

  2. Oh, these look so cute! I love the bottle! Not so keen on the sound of the brush and formula but for a fiver, I guess you can’t complain really?


    1. They are super cute and well worth a try for a fiver, I’ll report back when I’ve tried to other shades, they might be different. This shade has started to chip today, so lasted well enough.

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