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Ok, so last week I reviewed the Glam Republic Eyeliner appliques as an alternative to freehand eyeliner flicks. I think these kinds of products are a great idea at first look, but personally find it easier to continue with my freehand eyeliner application. However, for those who might not have the time or just want to experiment, these two in one products have a lot of appeal. Today, I’m sharing with you false lashes with eyeliner flicks attached from Miss Flicklash.

I love the branding and packaging, it’s good fun and appeals to that vintage pin up market which I’m sure would love to give this product a whirl. Great colour choices with the stripes and baroque print, the only dodgy bit of the packaging is the odd sticker logo at the top, which looks out of place. But you know what, you guys don’t care about the packaging do you? You want to know about the contents!

This pair is a lovely full and thick black lash with a black glitter eyeliner flick which is nice and chunky. I don’t think you could get away with these in the daytime at all, but they would be ideal for a nightout or a performer. I bet burlesque performers would love the idea of these lashes.

The contents are pretty standard, you get your lashes in a shaped tray and a mini vial of glue, which to be honest, isn’t the best glue, as we all know standard lash glue that comes in these sets can’t be the best, so I would recommend Duo or Eyelure glue which is available separately for longer lasting stick. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not great at applying lashes, in fact from what I’ve learnt trying to apply these and the eyeliner appliques, I’d say I’m blooming awful at applying lashes! But I gave it a go and here you can see the results…

The addition of the eyeliner flicks to these lashes has made the spin of the lash very thick and hard, which means they are not very flexible, so I found it difficult to get them to fit the curve of the lash, ever after bending and flexing them to make them soft. Perhaps I should try them again and trim a little off the length?

The flicks look pretty splendid though don’t you think? One thing I noticed that I would be cautious of is that when you are removing the lashes from your eyes or from the pack, be sure to remove from the inner corner outwards, if you try to pull from the flick eye you risk peeling off the flick.

Excuse the annoying blog of product on my face, but here you can see the effect closer up. What do you think? Overall, I still really love the concept and the brand, but think that you need some skill to be able to apply them, some experimenting will be required and you’ll have the best results from a higher quality glue. For me? I’m still going to stock with freehand eyeliner, because I’ve mastered it.

What do you think? Would you wear these?

Or would you prefer to freehand draw eyeliner flicks?

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3 thoughts on “Miss Flicklash Eyeliner False Lashes

  1. Oh I love them! Quite tempted to get some, I still fail at flicks.

  2. I am useless at applying lashes and I always find them uncomfortable. These look guite good on but i’ll probably stick to getting lash extensions and applying eye liner by hand.

    1. It’s a cool idea, but I think you need some skill to get them to work.

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