MUA Lip Boom 4 in 1 Lipstick in Lip Boom

I so pleased that I was sent this as there is no way I would never have bought it, even if it is only £3 in Superdrug. I hate celebrity endorsements and when I saw that MUA had teamed up with Alexandra Burke to create Lip Boom I have to admit that I cringed a bit. Although she is beautiful and a very talented singer, these came out around the same time as Alexandra’s cringey time guest judging on X Factor and the use of the every cringe-worthy phrase, “”, which may I just add has a Lip Boom by the same name!!

Anyway, enough of that, as it is actually a really lovely product.

Big packaging gets across the Alexandra Burke link and gives all the instructions on the features of the product, this is a 4 in 1 product which contains a  matte lipstick, sparkly gloss and little tub of balm. You can use these for four different looks, which I’ll explain in more detail in a bit.

It’s a great chunky tube with a snazzy holographic logo, one end holds the matte lipstick, the other the lipgloss tube and then in the end of the lipstick is a little pot of balm as well. And here’s what it looks like all taken apart…

So how can you get four looks out of this £3 product? Here’s my guide to it. Look number one is wearing the lipstick on it’s own for a solid, matte colour. The lipstick in Bring It is a fabulous vintage red, which I just love.

For the second look you can apply either the balm or the sparkly lipgloss as a highlighter in the centre of your lips. The gloss in this set is super sparkly with gold flecks. If you were to use the balm, it could make this matte lipstick a gloss finish.

For a third look you can apply the gloss all over the top of the lipstick. A fourth option would be the lipgloss or balm on its own. Cool eh?

I’m not personally into lipgloss or glitter on my lips, so I’ll be mainly wearing the MUA Lip Boom in Bring It as a matte lipstick. What do you think?

Have you tried the MUA Lip Boom’s? Which did you like?

What do you think of celebrity endorsed products?

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