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This weekend it was my husband’s (Matt) birthday, we decided to celebrate by taking a few nights away to Brighton. We’ve both been super buy lately, including Matt starting a new job and myself getting a promotion, so we really deserved a treat. We headed to Brighton after work on Friday to our hotel that we have booked on Lastminute.com.

We had booked into Landsdowne Place Hotel in Hove, which was a lot further away from the pier than we would normally stay, we go to Brighton a lot. Beautiful on the exterior and interior, we were really excited about staying at this four star hotel with a spa.

Unfortunately, the room we were put in was pretty grotty. The carpet was old and worn, there was a big damp patch on the ceiling in the bathroom, the chandelier in the bedroom had three bulbs in it only one was working and one of the bulb had blown and the glass smashed, not safe! In addition, the window looked out on to a roof full of pigeons and the glass of the window caked in pigeon poop. Great! I don’t usually complain, but when you’ve spent quite a bit of money you expect the place to be at least clean!! Anyway, I complained and the staff were really helpful and upgraded us to a better room without any problem. The new room was pretty much perfect and had a lovely king sized room. Much more like I was expecting for the money.

On Friday night we ate at Alfresco, which is on the beach near the old pier. It’s a independent Italian and ha a beautiful spot, you can it inside and look out onto the pier, or on the beach, it’s lovely. The menu is all Italian inspired and includes pizza, pasta and meat dishes. You get a little bowl of bread snack and a jug of water free of charge and the staff are so friendly and helpful. The drinks menu feature non-alcoholic cocktail which is always nice to see as I don’t drink. I had a Mint and Apple Fizz, which was apple juice, elderflower cordial, lemonade, lime and mint, really refreshing.

Matt had Lobster Thermidor, which was the most expensive main, but for his birthday we thought he should splash out. I tasted it, I’ve never had lobster before. Don’t think I’d have it myself but it was nice. The dish came with roasted new potatoes, asparagus and a small salad.

I had what is essentially chicken and veg. It was delicious, the chicken was filled with black garlic butter and wrapped in parma ham with a bay leaf layered within, very herby and juicy, it was served with carrots, green beans and pomme puree (mashed potato) with a lovely jus (gravy) Super delicious.


On  Saturday morning, we had breakfast at JB’s Diner on the seafront, next to the Thistle Hotel. It’s a super tacky American style 50s diner with all the predictable Elvis related decor and some rather interesting staff. We had Matt’s favourite for breakfast, American style buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, also known as Cowboy Pancakes. This is the best breakfast combo ever! Matt makes it at home too.

If that wasn’t enough, we had vanilla milkshakes with our giant pancakes. The milkshakes at JB’s Diner are rather epic, they are quite frankly HUGE and come with the extra in a metal cup, so you can top up, I think we had about three glass fulls for about £4, plus it’s topped with cream, sprinkles and a cherry!

On Saturday we spent most of the day on the beach, paddling, tweeting and eating ice cream. Despite being slathered in sun cream I managed to burn in three incredibly random place: a small area of my forehead, a small patch on my underarm and a huge patch on the top of one thigh. No idea how that happened.

We sat too close to the waves resulting in one especially large wave soaking us up to the waist, then an hour later after moving getting surprised by a wet head. I just love the sound of the waves, so relaxing.

Matt went swimming, he didn’t bring swimwear so just went in his shorts, which didn’t dry as quickly as he thought they might. Seriously, it felt like we were on holiday, so amazing! I freaking love Brighton.

We also spent some time shopping in the Lanes, I bought a straw boater hat from Joy and a few bits from Boots. On Sunday morning we had breakfast at Giraffe and headed home. What a great weekend!

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