The Leopard Eye Palette from Famous by Sue Moxley

At first glance this palette is so not my bag. It’s shiny, gold and leopard print in a zipper purse style palette, it’s either naff or kitsch, I’m not quite sure. It’s only £8.99, so a mega bargain and a great gift item too, the zip fastening pouch is a great idea, which makes it easier to transport and you don’t need to worry about it pinging open like some other palettes might, this is a great idea which I love.

There you go, totally not me right? However, when I unzipped this little palette, I was pleasantly surprised, check out the contents…

You also get a good sized mirror and two double ended brushed, which aren’t too shoddy, it’s nice to see options other than just the sponge applicators which we all know aren’t the greatest. I also found the fold out pouch with the colour diagram enclosed and interesting idea. The contents of the info sheet isn’t overly interesting, it would be nice to have some tutorial on there instead I think, however, it’s a great idea as that fold out helps protect the satin lining and mirror.

A beautiful selection of elegant, sophisticated shades with a lovely mix of matte, shimmer and opalescent shades to suit every taste and personality, nothing tacky about these contents! The muted, neutral shades are great for everyday but also easy to dress up for a special occasion. I just love the metallic blue in the bottom left corner, can’t wait to play with that one.

And guess what? For the second blog post in a row, because I’m just so busy at the moment, I’m giving you arm swatches in true beauty blogger style, are you proud of me or what? Some looks with this palette coming soon, I promise, but for now you can check out how nice these pigments are.

Nice or what? I don’t think you can fault it except for the dodgy leopard print, which is just a personal preference thing. I can’t wait to have a play with these shades!

What do you think? Have you tried any Famous by Sue Moxley?

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4 thoughts on “The Leopard Eye Palette from Famous by Sue Moxley

  1. £8.99?! Whoaaa when I saw your instagram photo I was like “ahh that’s so pretty but I bet it will be £40+ so I won’t fall in love with it!” I’m definitely adding this to my never ending shopping list!
    Oh and I agree with the you about the leopard print, I’m not a fan!

    1. I know! It’s a bargain! They have some different animal print options on the site too, the zebra print one is less offensive & contains blushes too. I’ve got some Famous eye pencils to play with as well, I’m currently obsessed with a stunning pearly bright blue, which I think you’ll love too! Watch this space for a review!

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  3. Loving the shades, the inside looks kind of Aztec

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