Accessorize Lovely Day Eye Shadow Palette

As you might know already I love to experiment with eyeshadow colours and to mix colours to create a interesting look. I must admit that I used to be such a snob when it comes to make up in general, if something is cheap it usually makes me think that the quality would be cheap too, but having recently discovered some of the bargain brands in Superdrug, I’m starting to open my mind.

This month, I’ve been experimenting with the Accessorize Lovely Day palette…

I must admit I’m not a fan of the print on the outside of the palette, I’m not an huge animal print fan, but I can see why most people would love this. It’s got pink on it too, which is always a winner for many. The best thing about this palette is that it contains a really good sized mirror and thirty two different colours!

Such a fabulous array of shades, if you’re new to trying out colour this is a great place to start as you’ve got a nice mix of matte, shimmer and pearly colours and in shades that would suit every taste and complexion. It’s a cardboard palette and fastens with a elastic band, which on mine, snapped after the second use, which is a shame.

I’m finding the neutral matte shades super useful for highlighting and the greens and golds are my favourite shades. The warm colours on the right are similar to the shades in the MUA Cosmetics Undressed palette. This palette retails for only £8.95 so if you’re just wanting a palette to start experimenting with, this is a great start!

I really love the combination of browns, golds and greens for me, it’s a nice eye statement but without going for super bright colours, it also matches my favourite fox print dress, here they are in action…

What do you think of Accessorize Beauty?

Do you use this palette?

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2 thoughts on “Accessorize Lovely Day Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Im not a massive fan of animal prints & often it can make things look a little cheap. But this palette has real selection of great colours and for just £9 thats a great price.

    1. Well worth picking up if you want everything in one place.

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