Ben De Lisi Crafty Themed Homewares for Debenhams

This week I got myself to Debenhams on Oxford Street for the first time in ages, I don’t have a Debenhams locally anymore so it’s not often that I get to visit. I didn’t think I would miss this department store, but after a few minutes browsing there were lots of things that caught my eye. Debenhams continues to offer a whole range of different styles at affordable price points.

One of the homewares ranges that caught my eye was the Ben De Lisi range, there’s a few stories for this season, but one of them is all about drawing and art materials which I thought was a lot of fun. There’s clear inspiration from shops like Pedlars and independent brands too in this collection, but was pleased to see something fun and colourful in the Debenhams home department.

Here are some of my favourite items.

This picture frame was my favourite thing on the display, it’s only little but it’s just so cute and fun, I really want it, but know that I really don’t need anymore picture frames in my very small flat. Cool isn’t it?

This cushion is fun, it’s got a great texture because it’s embroidered, I think my friend Laura of She Draws will love this, it would look perfect in her home.

Another great cushion, it would look fab with the pencil one, on it’s own or teamed with other bright coloured cushions. I love the shades that they have used, they are just lovely.

Love the print on this notebook, the same print is also available on a pencil case. Again, they’ve chosen some fabulous colours.

What do you think? Would you have these in your home?

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2 thoughts on “Ben De Lisi Crafty Themed Homewares for Debenhams

  1. Loving the look of these, would add a healthy splash of colour to chilly white walls nicely! x

    1. Thanks for the comment Nadira, they are such great colours.

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