Latest Jewellery Purchases

So a few weekends ago, I visited the Renegade Fair in Spitalfields at the Old Truman Brewery. There was so much amazing stuff at the fair, I could have quite easily spent a fortune, but I was sensible and limited myself to one purchase. So, I chose this awesome acrylic ice lolly necklace from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes.

I love how they presented their jewellery, a bright and colourful range of laser cut kitsch jewellery, I love everything in their collection and everything is finished to a really high standard.

After visiting the Renegade Fair we did a walk around the always interesting, Spitalfields Market, we randomly stumbled upon a stall from Zinc White, who are a great jewellery brand based in Huddersfield and where I picked up my favourite pencil necklace quite some time ago. I happen to be wearing my Zinc White necklace on the day and couldn’t resist picking up some matching earrings.

What do you think of my latest purchases?

What independent jewellery brands have you spotted lately?

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6 thoughts on “Latest Jewellery Purchases

  1. They are so sweet. I love browsing Etsy for cute handmade jewellery. There are so many great handmade shops on there

    1. Me too! I don’t get why anyone would buy jewellery from big chains when they can get something unique and hand made for the same money online or from craft fairs.

  2. That necklace is amazing!!

    1. Thank you! You should check out their site, they also have a Zoom and Twister lolly necklace.

  3. I am totally in love with that necklace in particular- that sparkly blue layer is lickable! I would very much have like dot have gone to the Renegade Craft fair to scope it out!!

    1. It was a really nice fair, I’m pleased I got there as I don’t get to go to things like that as often as I would like. Love my necklace, it’s so cute!

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