Revolution Organics Beauty Balm & All Over Body Balm

So excited to share with you two items from the latest new brand from CutECOsmetics, introducing Revolution Organics. This is an organic brand from America, all of the products are free from harsh chemicals,mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens. I’ve been trialling two of the balm sticks, the All Over Body Balm and the Multi-Task Beauty Balm in Blushed.

Love the packaging, they good in rigid cardboard tubes and the product themselves are in chunky lipbalm stick, twist up tubes. They remind me of the old style Eyeko Fat Balms, which I really likes.

The Multi-Tasking Beauty Balm can be used all over the body and is a super chunky stick. Of course, the Blushed shade being a pink works for lips and cheeks. All of the Beauty Balms use a base of jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and aloe vera, all organic of course. This base makes for a super smooth, super conditioning base. The colour comes from natural mineral pigments too.

The size of the Multi-Taking Beauty Balm from Revolution Organics is very similar to the Nars The Multiple sticks, the Blushed colour is a sheer, dewy pink with a teeny bit of shimmer. Applying straight from the tube works great for cheeks, but for lips you certainly need a lip brush, as the strong colour needs to be applied neatly, this isn’t really a issue though, as I would apply most lip colours with a brush.

As you can see the colour is a beautiful rose pink, sheer but still packed with pigment. It looks great on lips and cheeks and really suits my fair complexion. It’s very moisturising and super comfortable to wear.

The All Over Body Balm from Revolution Organics is completely different thing. It’s a multi purpose balm, think of it as your organic and natural version of Vaseline. It’s a very simple formula of cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil and apricot oil.

There’s not much to say about this one, besides that I love it. I like the chunky stick format, it’s easy to apply where ever you need to without any mess. You can use it as a facial moisturiser, lip balm, cuticle cream, stretch mark cream and basically to soothe and help heal any kind of dryness.

Both of these products will last you ages and therefore are great value for money, the coloured balm is £21.00 and the all over balm is only £12.

Have you tried Revolution Organics?

What’s your favourite multi-tasking beauty product?

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