True Blood Merlotte’s Waitress Costume

I’m back! I’ve been really busy lately with work and with family. I’ve not had time to do any blog photos or much of my usual research, so thought I’d bring you a fun, Polyvore inspired blog post today.

I’m currently having True Blood withdrawal symptoms having just finished watching series five online, which was without doubt the best series so far! Since it’s Halloween next month I thought it would be fun to present you with what I would wear for fancy dress, which is of course, True Blood inspired.

If you are also a True Blood fan and looking for a easy and fun Halloween costume, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a easy and comfortable option. The first thing you’ll need will be your Merlotte’s t-shirt, I have one of these you can pick them up as official merchandise fairly easily online. If you don’t have the official merchandise just wear a white t-shirt. Team this with denim shorts and trainers. If you want an authentic costume pick up a waitress apron too, you can get an official Merlotte’s one too if you wanted!

True Blood Merlotte's Waitress Costume

Want to pay homage to your favourite Merlotte’s waitress? Star of the show, Sookie needs blonde hair in a high ponytail with an optional silk scarf to hide your bite marks. If you’re looking for a more fiery waitress red hair can give you the perfect Jessica or Arlene costume. I would go for Jessica so that I could add fangs and pale make up. If you want to be super particular to your details you could even try Get Lenses coloured lenses to complete the look, you need blue for Sookie!

What are your plans for Halloween?

Do you like fancy dress?

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