Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask

Righty oh, this one has been reviewed before on my blog, last time it was a guest blog from the lovely Dija of Dija’s World, you can read her expert review here. Dija knows her skin stuff, so if my review is a bit lacking in the technical front, be sure to read hers too for another version.

I was recommended Alpha H Liquid Gold by Caroline Hirons to help combat the terrible problems I’ve been having with my spotty forehead. It’s been really bad for nearly a year now and it’s only last month that I really nailed my skincare regime, I’ll go into more detail on that soon!

So there you go, the most boring skincare packaging and branding I’ve ever seen, this little mask costs a whopping £46, you wouldn’t have thought so right? But because I love and trust Mrs Hirons and I’m sick to death of my skin being horrible for the firs time in my life I thought it was about time I invested in it.

This product has clearly invested its money in the ingredients, one of the main ingredients is Glycolic Acid which is a popular ingredient that has been around for a long time and know for its anti-ageing properties, it’s a chemical exfoliant. Glycolic Acid can be used to treat all sorts of skin conditions from acne and scarring to pigmentation and wrinkles, it’s therefore an incredibly appealing and versatile ingredient.

Please be aware thought that Glycolic Acid is a strong ingredient, if you are prone to being sensitive you should definitely do a patch test first. The texture of the Alpha H Liquid Gold Mask is very different to other masks that I’ve used, it’s a cream texture, that reminds me of thick Nivea cream or Savlon. It doesn’t have a strong smell, just a tiny, pleasant fragrance from the Lavender and Rose oils that are in the ingredients.

On application this is a tingly mask, but as I’ve discovered in the past few months, tingly can be a very good thing. I find that this feels prickly, but the feeling dies down during the treatment time. Immediately after removing the mask skin looks and feels toned and smoothed. For me, my spots appeared less red and after just two treatments I can see a noticeable reduction in the size and redness of my spots. This is certainly partly to do with this mask, but I will be talking in more detail about my current skincare regime soon.

Is it worth the money? Yes! Considering you can spend over £40 on a Glycolic treatment, this is well worth the money if you want something that will deliver results, just be careful if you’re sensitive and be sensible about how you use it.

Have you tried anything from Alpha H?

Have you used Glycolic Acid products?

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2 thoughts on “Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask

  1. I really want to get this now! Glycolic acid has helped my acne so much and Caroline’s product recommendations always work. Where did you get it from?

  2. […] I’ve been using this mask regularly and again, this was something I was reluctant to spend on. I picked it up in a value bundle from QVC which made it easier for me to justify. It’s a strong, tingly mask with a glycolic acid base, it’s great for eating away dead skin and revealing a smoother and more even skin tone. You can read my original review here. […]

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