Barry M Jewel Britannia Nail Polish

I continue to spend on nail polishes, it’s just the easiest, quickest way to cheer yourself up and update your look. There’s always new shades coming out too, so always something to tempt. I know that some bloggers love their luxury nail polish brands like Essie and OPI, but I continue to be more than happy with bargainous Barry M and Models Own, which I can pick up from Boots for hardly any expense and earn points on them too.

My latest nail polish purchase was Barry M’s Jewel Britannia glitter polish, which was exclusive to their website and also the beauty section of Topshop, I picked this one up from the concession in Topshop on Oxford Circus.

How could I resist these sparkles in my favourite colours? This polish has a lovely mix of fine silver glitter and larger hexagonal particles of blue and red in clear polish. It doesn’t apply in a solid glitter layer like some of the other Barry M glitters do, but had the nice sparkly, spotty finish.

Here’s the polish applied over a base coat of Filthy Gorgeous Air Kiss, which is one of my favourite blue shades in my vast collection of blue nail polish.

What’s your favourite glitter nail polish?

Have you tried this one?

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5 thoughts on “Barry M Jewel Britannia Nail Polish

  1. The high street ranges are now really picking up their game, love Model’s Own (esp. those Glitterball collections! Really want them). There’s noting wrong with cheap and cheerful 🙂

    1. Mirrorball is on my wishlist at the moment, just not seen them in store yet. I love my bargain nail polishes, nothing wrong with them so why would I spend more?

  2. Your polish looks fab – love the sparkles. Was it difficult to remove? I’ve struggled in the past, with glitter type polish, it has taken forever to get rid of.


  3. I LOVE this nail varnish! And I completely agree, I’m always popping into boots on my lunch break to pick up a cheap nail varnish to brighten up my day! x

  4. What a glittering combination! Would try this out but just wanna make sure if it could be easily wiped off?

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