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One of the signs that I’m getting older is that I’ve started to get more excited by buying home accessories that clothes sometimes. As vintage inspired designs become fashionable again, there are some super cute things turning up on the high street and some really amazing stuff knocking about. I thought I’d pull together some of my favourite things that I’ d like to have adorn my kitchen worktops.

I was really excited to see that traditional sweet shop brand, Hope & Greenwood had launched a range of home accessories, everything is in their brand red, white and blue colours and using vintage style prints and shapes. My favourite item has got to be this adorable, polka dot umbrella bon bon dish. Not the most practical thing, but a very pretty thing to have.

I love the retro styling of the homewares collection from Marmite, random I know! They’ve gone for pop art style prints using the iconic Marmite jar at the core of the design. How much do you love this print on this butter dish? Does anyone actually still use a butter dish? I love the idea, but my butter comes from a tub.

I’ve seen these cute tea for two teapots knocking about around a few places, including the Irregular Choice shop, I think it’s a Japanese brand that creates these originally, does anyone know the name of the brand? I had to share this though, as it’s super cute and fun and so up my street. I wish I had more room for teapots as I love them, but don’t use them as often as I would like.

What do you think of my kitchen accessory picks?

Would you have any of these in your house?

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6 thoughts on “Cute Kitchen Accessories

  1. I absolutely love kitchen accessories, unfortunately my kitchen is so small if I buy anything more I won’t haven’t any worktop left to actually prepare food.
    Love the umbrella bonbon dish, could use it for earrings and rings in my bedroom to save kitchen space!

    1. I think the umbrella dish would work well as a soap dish too, I really love it. The whole collection is beautiful.

  2. I love the umbrella cake stand thing, that is super cute.
    The Tea For Two pot & cups is the best though!! I have a tea for one thing you would probably like 🙂

    1. I LOVE teapots, any kind of teapots. The main thing that is special about this one is the bunny, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Where can I get the marmite butter dish please

    1. Hi Thorne, this is a very old blog post. Best to give it a Google as I’m not sure off the top of my head.

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