Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling Review

I’ve been getting out more lately, trying to make the most of opportunities and getting into Central London as often as I can. I’ve had enough of acting middle aged, so want to start making the most of life in general. Anyway, that’s a bit deep for the start of a nail review right?

Anyway, got myself to the Eylure and Elegant Touch event this month and one of my favourite things that I spotted at the event were the Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling (never thought I would write the word bling on my blog), a fun collection of sparkly, printed and textured nail wraps. The only other nail wraps I’ve tried were the Nail Rock ones and hated them, I just couldn’t do a good job of them. When I saw the Envy Wraps on one of the girls I was excited, as they didn’t look dodgy at all!

These beauties are super fine, silver glitter bases with clear droplets on the edges, like little raindrops. Very, very pretty in the packaging. I loved that these recommended wearing them on top of a base coat, I found that the Nail Rock wraps, requiring buffed nails for application really messed with my nails, so this was reassuring.

They are fairly thin too, so very easy to smooth down, they are like stickers, so you don’t need any extra glue. I was also pleased because the curved side seemed a good fit for my nails. Once stuck down, you can use heat to help smooth out any bumps or gently peel and repostition.

Once the wraps are in position, you can use the mini nail file that is included to file the edges off, they easily come off for a very neat finish without a lot of faffing. These wraps looked great for well over a week on my nails, I wore a top coat to protect them which I think helped.

I was worried about removing the wraps, but all I had to do was use a little nail polish remover to break the top coat and then you can peel them off, this feel horrible but is easy, I found that most of them came off in one piece too, so not much mess. You do get left with a little residue, but this can be removed with polish remover too.

I wore mine as accent nails with Models Own Top Turquoise. I really loved how sparkly they are and the texture is really different. I found them easy to apply, easy to wear and easy to remove. For £6.99 I would totally buy them again for a special occasion.

What do you think of nail wraps? Which ones have you tried?

Do you like these Elegant Touch wraps?

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1 thought on “Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling Review

  1. These are so pretty! I especially love that design-so beautiful for a Christmas party or something! xoxo

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