Garnier Olia Hair Dye in 8.0 Blonde Review

I’m not one for frequent at home hair colouring, generally I haven’t really seen the point and don’t like how high maintenance keeping a hair colour is. I don’t want to pay for it in a salon and when I have coloured at home, it tends to go wrong. Like the time I dyed my hair brown and missed a huge chunk at the back, resulting in a drastic hair cut to disguise it whilst I manically rinsed with shampoo in the hopes of stripping it.

Earlier in the year, I was a model for one of the new Scott Cornwall products and they dyed my hair red in order to demonstrate the new Decolour Remover product, you can watch the video here. As a result of dyeing my hair red for this video, my natural base colour was lightened, so for the first time in a number of years, I’ve had root regrowth to deal with.

I’ve been seduced by the marketing of Olia, it’s advert is beautiful, the packaging is beautiful and the website is beautiful too. It’s really the first high street hair colourant brand that has been exciting. Created with no ammonia and made of 60% oils, this hair dye promised to condition the hair whilst offering 100% grey coverage.

Even the bottles inside the box are exciting, they’ve really thought about the design, even to the point of including black plastic gloves, it’s perfect. It’s just nice to see something as everyday as hair dye be given a modern and sleek makeover. Is it just me that is excited by the pod shaped bottle and black gloves?

Here’s the before photos, as you can see there’s nothing really wrong with my colour, but the darker blonde roots were starting to annoy me….

As mentioned, I’m pretty poor when it comes to at home hair dyes, but with this one I found it really easy to use, it’s a thick cream which is really easy to distribute through the hair, plus you’ll be glad to know that there is not strong scent, it actually smells pleasant, unlike most hair colourants.

Here’s the results, after 30 mins of development time and some rinsing….

I’m really pleased with the results and think it will look better once I’ve washed a few times with a blonde hair shampoo to help add some dimension to the colour. I don’t think the condition is any better than it was, but it is certainly shiny and in good condition, I think you can probably see greater results from switching over to this over another dye. You can find Garnier Olia very easily on Boots and other beauty retailers.

Have you tried Garnier Olia hair dye?

What do you think of my at home dye job?

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9 thoughts on “Garnier Olia Hair Dye in 8.0 Blonde Review

  1. Hi! I found your post because I was searching in google for reviews about Garnier Olia. Here in my country (spain) there’s a website that sends you products to test and to give your opinion to the brand (in this one, garnier).
    I took the 6.6 shade, I hope I’ll take a beautiful colour like you.
    Nice post.

    (Sorry if my english is poor, It’s quite difficult for me xD)

    1. Let me know how you like the hair dye, I will be using it again for sure!

  2. Ive just used the 9.0 light blonde to get rid of my roots and a ginger tint i had in my hair from a semi perminant i used. My hair was wrecked anyway and i didnt want to risk it falling out anymore but after seeing this product i thought i would risk it and its improved my condition loads, my hair didnt fall out in clumps when blow drying it like normal and the colour is really nice and looks natural, 10 out of 10 from me

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  4. You looked beautiful with red hair!

  5. Hello, your natural hair color is very beautiful . after applying the dye I see with reflection pink

  6. I used 8.0 too and was really pleased with the results. My virgin hair has basically the darkest shade displayed on the package and the outcome is indeed very close to the one shown as being the target match for the shade of my virgin hair. Pleasant smell, plenty of shine, great color, am really wondering what’s with all the negative reviews I’ve been reading on the internet about olia… I was actually afraid first to try it out because of the negative feedback but will definitely use it again!

    1. In my experience negative reviews for hair dyes come from people who either didn’t read the instructions properly or had unrealistic expectations. People don’t seem to realise that dying hair is a chemical process with a lot of science behind it and if your hair isn’t in the right state to start with the product can’t deliver miracles. If you use a dye on virgin hair or hair in absolutely perfect condition you’ll get the best results always.

  7. […] used a L’Oreal Inoa copper red shade. L’Oreal Inoa is the professional version of Garnier Olia and uses no ammonia, which means no strong smell. Plus, L’Oreal Inoa is oil based (just like […]

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