Halloween Nail Art with Barry M and Nail Tattoos Review

The wonderful people who brought us temporary tattoos to Boots stores now have Nail Tattoos, in the form of these fun and stylist nail stickers, I’m sure you’ve seen them knocking about. I thought these would be perfect for some Halloween themed nails, so I’ve been saving them.

Despite it saying stickers on the front of the pack and being quite clear in the description, I thought these might be like the nail transfers of my childhood, where you cut out and wet the back to transfer to the nails. They’ve removed the faff and these are just teeny tiny stickers instead.

I love all of the designs that come in this sheet, I think I like the bows especially, I will be playing with those on top of  pastel nails very soon. For Halloween themed nails I’ve gone for a pic’n’mix of pictures on Barry M Nail Paint in Coral, which isn’t really Coral, but more a bright orange to me.

Quite frankly, I love these. Some of the designs are a little fiddly to peel and apply, but once you’ve got your technique down, it’s much easier than the alternatives.

What do you think of these nail stickers?

Which nail art techniques do you like?

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