Lush Emotional Brilliance Fantasy Liquid Eyeliner (and a Rant)

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Lush, I worked at one of their shops when I first started Uni and had and interesting experience. I love their products in general but I hate their politics and preaching. It annoys me that they appear to be a completely natural brand, yet they still use tons of sulphates in their products. Personally, sulphates don’t offend me too much, but when I see a preachy Lush fan, it makes me a bit mad because they aren’t as perfect as they make you think, they also use parabens in some products too.

I wish they would just keep things simple and continue to make beautiful products without the drama.

Anyway, when I saw Lush were releasing a make up range, I did roll my eyes a little bit. After being around during the rise and fall of their sister cosmetics company Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, I wasn’t expecting much. Plus, the additional of flashmob ninjas knocking around top Lush store locations had me a bit baffled. What were they playing at?!

However, being a good blogger, I had to give one of these a go.

I picked up the Fantasy Liquid Eyeliner in a She Said Beauty box a while back and now I’ve finally given it a go, I think it deserves a nice little review. This is a very pretty product, a lovely metallic gold liquid liner, which is just lovely for vintage flicks (my favourite) I’m not fond of the brush applicator, it’s too short and not firm enough, so personally, I would rather use my own brush to apply.

The formula is quite thin, so I find that if I’m using this for flicks I might need to go over them a bit to get the solid colour that I want. If you were to apply with a brush, you could use this also as a eye colour. Another thing to note with the Lush Emotional Brilliance make up would be that because it’s from Lush it’s not going to stay fresh as long as conventional make up. Also, at £14.50 for this teeny bottle, I would recommend that you’d be better off at Illamasqua!

So, although this is a nice product, it’s over priced and the formula is contains parabens, which isn’t something that many Lush fans would expect from one of their products.

Would love to know what you think of Lush as a brand?

Do you support their politics? Or find it a bit too much like I do?

Do you think it’s right for brand that appears so ‘natural’ to use so many artificial ingredients?

Would love to hear your thoughts here or on Twitter @JayneJRead

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3 thoughts on “Lush Emotional Brilliance Fantasy Liquid Eyeliner (and a Rant)

  1. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to adjust my head to the idea of Lush doing make-up, they are just a bodycare brand to me! The eyeliner is pretty though x

  2. I’m a big Lush fan, and even though they still aren’t as natural as they make out that’s fine by me, but I definitely agree that they shouldn’t be so ‘high and mighty’ about their products.

    It’s a shame to see the colour isn’t as opaque as I’d hoped. I fell in love with the ‘Control’ eyeliner as it’s such a gorgeous blue, but now I’m not so sure it would be the same.

    1. The make up is SO expensive for what it is, I hate the packaging too. There’s so many better things to spend that kind of money on.

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