MUA Nail Constellations in Libra

Ok, so these little beauties are quite possibly the most exciting new high street launch that we’ve had in a long time! We all liked the look of the caviar manicure when Ciate launched their kits earlier in the year, but not many of us were willing to shell out for the hefty price tag. So, when we all heard that queens of the bargain makeup, MUA were launching their Nail Constellations, you knew they were onto a winner.

I’ve been slowly going through each colour and have been sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram this month if you haven’t already spotted them. I thought I’d just show you one swatch here as you can find a gazillion swatches across the gazillions of blogs out there, I recommend checking out, Flutter and Sparkle’s review.

Out of all of the nail art trends that I’ve tried, this has been the easiest to apply. You can apply them over the top of any thick layer of nail polish. The handy nozzle application makes it easy to be precise and then doubles up as a funnel so that you can put spare beads back in the tube to save for another time. Once you’ve applied all of the beads to wet nails, gently tap them down and let them dry. It looks great doesn’t it?

They don’t last long without a top coat, but realistically I think this works best as an occasion nail art look. You can apply clear varnish over the top to make the beads last longer, but on some of the paler colours you will find it alters the colour a little. Alternatively, you can try just creating a seal around the edge of the nail to help prolong the manicure.

For only £3 each I would recommend you give them a whirl! It’s a fun look and easy to master.

What do you think?

Which nail art trends do you like the best?

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